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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Dilrax; Patch 1.1

    Character artwork by: Zancuno


    Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"

    RenTek; [Delta] Armoury Evolved
    Dilrax: Patch 1.1

    Thanks to notanaccount2 for the Heads up.
    I'll keep this short...

    a Problem possibly causing the game to crash for people involving the 'rae_racialEffects.lua' should be fixed, not entirely sure what caused this to become a problem and i will guess by the fact that only one person brought this up that the chance's of this being a problem for people were 50/50, like me there are probably some people who didn't have this problem, so thanks to notanaccount2 for pointing this one out to me.

    before anyone brings up the next one, yes i am aware that there might be an issue with the talk Frames for Miega on the techconsole that pop up when first interacting with the console after character creation.

    there may or maynot also exist a problem with the 'Shadow Affinity Modifier' Card and its perks... its unconfirmed yet but incase anyone has a problem with that let me know.

    ------- Regards
    ------------ Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    --------------------- Dilrax Stormpaw.

    That Tech Console on the ship and the Trait Console, btw is are place holder's, yes i know they look very very familiar, if not recycled.
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