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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Small Progress Update

    Character artwork by: Zancuno


    Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    "What do you need help with? maybe i can fix it!"

    RenTek; [Delta] Armoury Evolved
    Dilrax: PSA - a Small Update.

    The Mod is still being worked on... but the problems just keep appearing.

    So i thought i would just put this out there for those still around... i know there's a couple still here and im Greatly thankful to them as its nice to know theirs still some trying to keep tabs on the mod... i will admit im also greatly sorry for how things with the mod have been going... and that for the most part alot of nothing has come out of it... but with starbound becoming playable for me again (still working on the same old Frankenstein of a laptop...) im able to do a bit more then just make the occasional sprite and leave it as that...

    and so Im thinking of putting out a Work in Progress Testing version (again) while i sort out some issues and files with in the mod, because there is something so massively broken in the mod i cant even work it out or find what it is... log file is useless... so i'll be putting out a couple files to get flushed out before doing anything else... and i'll probably start with just the race files, i have a gut feeling that area will need the most work... and is probably the bane of my blighted problems...

    i'll try and do what i can in the mean time to hopefully finally get the mod fixed and working...

    ------- Regards
    ------------ Your RenTek Corporation Tech Support Buddy and Outfitter.
    --------------------- Dilrax Stormpaw.
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