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RenTek: [Delta] Armoury - [Discontinued] [Delta] v1

Only a New PSA... go read.

  1. Dilrax

    Invalid Reviews to report Errors

    DO NOT use the [Review] Function on the mod page because your too dam lazy to make a proper post in the Discussion Page. Please Report All Problems, Errors and Issues in the Discussion Page its not that hard.

    Mod Now Discontinued.
    as of Jan 1 2019, this mod is now Discontinued... iv finally lost all interest in continuing my own mod after spending many months trying to pick up again where i left off... this was a very hard decision for me to make as im still fond of the idea of modding starbound in the future... only... if i ever do again it would probably be private changes and temp fixes for friends playing the game with other mods so they can keep playing till official fixes are made.

    I want to thank everyone who gave their support from the very start, those who joined in half way, those who lent their help, The friends i made along the way, the people had the chance to meet and those who rode out the last and final storm to the very end with me, it actually means a lot to me... so thank you, and with that i bid you adieu and hope we may meet again in the future.
    ~Regards Dilrax.

    Check out the Discussion
    Head on over the discussion tab for all your Needs... just dont expect an update on progress or nothing... sorry.

    _________| RenTek: Armoury Evolved |_________

    Basic Mod Info:
    The RenTek Armoury is a equipment Mod pack that primarily focuses on Ranged weaponry and Tech, how ever a Species has been included called "The Dire", a race of anthropomorphic Wolves, who are really nothing more then a series of Escaped genetically modified Clone experiments of a few original Dire "Donor's".

    Currently there are two "know" locations that will be added into the mod, a Central Hub for the mod that takes place on the Ship known as the "Starlight Ordinance" and then there is the "Dusklight Advance" the Players Ship if playing as a Dire.

    Special Thanks:
    A shout out to: Zancuno.

    Mod Pack/Server Permissions:

    > Im not allowing Permissions at this time... not until im happy with the mod's state...
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Gun_z7
    Version: [Delta] v1
    Awesome, i will wait for more.
  2. Armok
    Version: v2.0
    despite the fact I can't even download the mod, from what I can tell (mainly from the old getting started video) this mod looks quite nice, would be cool to have as an Avali yet sadly I can't quite seem to download this mod, still 5 stars however :P
    1. Dilrax
      Author's Response
  3. zzzx
    Version: v2.0

    [INFO]: An Invalid Download Attempt was Detected; File Extension Missing
    [SYSTEM] System::SystemException::SystemException;
    [8] 1706667co System::Exception::processEvent __scrt_common_main_seh
    [C]: in global 'parseArgs'
    [9] 1706667co System::Statistics::update
    [10] 14053c4d4 System::UniverseClient::update
    [11] 13ffceae7 System::ClientApplication::updateRunning
    [12] 13ffcd3df Systemr::ClientApplication::update
    [13] 1407caec2 System::SdlPlatform::run
    [14] 1407cb07d System::runMainApplication
    [15] 13ffd0506 WinMain
    [16] Error::404::FileNotFound

    [Log] Please Report Error Code:: 4920474f542054524f4c4c454421 To File Owner.

    1. Dilrax
      Author's Response
      please re-frame from making Invalid reviews and make the effort to post any actual problems and Errors in the Discussion Tab... use your Head it aint that hard.
  4. Ultan
    Version: v1.5β [BETA]
    Red fly faster...i mean this is so far best, complex and badass weapon pack. Keep up this awesome work.
  5. Niels2012
    Version: v1.5β [BETA]
    really nice mod, good potential, only problem is it will get a bit "useless" compared to the random items you find, still nice mod though (with useless I mean in example the projectile speed is slow etc.)
  6. Dragonclaw
    Version: v1.5β [BETA]
    Incredible mod, I'm sorry about your computer. Same thing happened to me once. Hope you can fix it soon. Still an awesome mod!
  7. Happy_guy12
    Version: v1.4β [BETA]
    An Amazing Mod to say the least, only problem I could find was that the UI for the Crafting stations is transparent, making for some pretty trippy crafting services, other than that, it's simply fantastic.
  8. Karton
    Version: v1.4β [BETA]
    Всё очень вкусно и так и манит себя скрафтить.
    Хотя конечно балансу нанесён сокрушительный удар.
    1. Dilrax
      Author's Response
      спасибо, и мы медленно перебирая баланс оборудования , но это может занять некоторое время , чтобы получить только право .
      ( В переводе с Google . )
      [[ thank you, and we are slowly sorting out the balance of the equipment but it may take time to get just right.
      (Translated with Google.) ]]
  9. aBOXofTOM
    Version: v1.4β [BETA]
    I've been playing with this mod for a little over 2 weeks now, and i must say, it's great fun when it doesn't crash the game. some of the weapons are ridiculously overpowered for the planets I'm hanging out on, but i still keep one in my inventory because nothing is more satisfying than completely annihilating poptops when you're in a bad mood.
  10. Androconia
    Version: v1.4β [BETA]
    Fun and cute. Fair enough