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Reno's Sit Mod Glad Giraffe update 3

Allows sitting, noclip, and a few other things.

  1. Merged Reno's Floran Fix

    Basically what it says in the title.
  2. Built-in tech unlock!

    • The two techs required to use this mod will now be automatically unlocked and equipped on new characters created after this update.
    • You can no longer play legit vanilla characters after this update while the mod is installed.
    If you find any issues with the automatic unlock (such as crashes), please give me a shout-out!
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  3. Fixed a bug where blinking does not reset rotation

    Just what it says on the tin and nothing more.
  4. The Glad Giraffe update!

    • Fixes a few bugs.
    • Still works on Pleased Giraffe, for those stubborn servers whose owners refuse to update.
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  5. Fixed rotation

    It should work now. Use W + A and W + D to rotate.
  6. Now adding rotation!

    You can now rotate your character around like an acrobat using A + H and D + H! Blink anywhere to reset to a standing angle.
  7. Small bugfix update

    Update Notes
    • Sitting should now move your bottom down one block (unless you're sitting on something moving).
    • You should now be able to move around while sitting on something moving.
    • You can no longer blink into the ground, but you can still blink through walls.
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