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Reno's Item Pack Glad Giraffe - 1.5p2

A multiplayer-compatible way to spawn any item for free.

  1. Actually fixed the interface issues this time.

    Also, these other bugfixes and improvements happened:
    • Added an unlocker for the item pack.
    • Added instructions that allow old characters to unlock the item pack.
    • Added several cheat tools, including a cheat matter manipulator. (What a huge oversight. :facepalm:)
    • Added a unique identifying icon for each of the spawners. (Which also fixes a bug that increased the game's loading time due to a missing image asset.)
    • Last but not least, fixed the UI for the spawners. It actually looks decent now.
    Don't give horrible reviews if you find more bugs in this mod. Instead, report them in the mod's forum thread so I can fix them without having to hurl insults at you.
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