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Outdated Reiji's Song Pack 7-6-14

Not enough Touhou songs? You came to the right place.

  1. RocketBoiDan
    Version: 7-6-14
    Amazing i love Touhou
  2. jonathonspy
    Version: 7-6-14
    "slow claps"
    very nice...
  3. Marinebeast
    Version: 7-6-14
    Makes me super happy to have some lovely Touhou music, and it helps that I found a trumpet just today! :) Great work. (I'd love to see "From Now until the Moment You Die" in, or perhaps "Complete Darkness"? Those are two of my favorite PC98 themes.)
  4. Gir554
    Version: 5-24-14
    It has Touhou music, that's enough said for me. You made a good choice linking to Starbound Composer though. If that weren't right there I (As well as others probably) wouldn't have thought of it, and I'm sure I wouldn't have been the only one bugging you with requests.
  5. Coylie3
    Version: 5-18-14 (50)
    This is a great music addition mod. A little small, and it likes to focus on Touhou Project songs, but it's still great.

    I wish it had Mima's theme - Reincarnation, though. the ONE character I really wanted to see (besides Patchouli.)