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Regularfish Intro 1.8

Mordecai and Rigby intrOHHHhhh! and Loading Screen

  1. Rule Breaking Package Delivery

    so i guess the forums do not allow exe

    in some ways i get it but mainly i think its dumb....regardless sorry for any spamming this has caused and extra downloads that may happen

    if you have installed w the exe or the previous version of the modpak this is the same no need to re re download unless you wanna increase my numbers lol
  2. Link Fix

    Link Fix
  3. New Loading Animation

    New Loading Animation
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  4. Modpak

    No more .rar Modpak from now on
  5. Update Current Version

    Update Current Version
  6. Pacthfix

  7. Patch fix

    Patch fix
  8. Link Fix Round 2

    ima dumb
  9. Link Update

    Link Update
  10. Fixed the logo a bit

    Fixed the logo a bit