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Regeneration 1.1.3

Provides configurable health and stamina regeneration.

  1. v1.1.3

    An unintended consequence of the v1.1.2 bugfix was that regeneration no longer happened during fishing (the bit where you're waiting for a fish to bite), which I felt seemed far too harsh during playtesting. I've now added options for whether health and stamina should regenerate while fishing.

    Additionally, the way I had the idle times handled in code, they were still able to be reduced by waiting in a menu (or otherwise not really "waiting"). I've reworked them so that they are now...
  2. v1.1.2

    Fixed a bug that allowed health and stamina regeneration to get "queued up" by going into a menu.

    Prior to this bugfix, when you exited the menu, you would suddenly get health and stamina, at the current regeneration rate, for all of the time spent in the menu, ignoring any caps set by the health and stamina ranges.

    This was caused by the time of the last check only being stored when the regeneration actually happened, rather than during each tick, so when you left the menu the mod...
  3. v1.1.1

    Added exhaustion-related options to health regen.

    Added missing hooks for the exhaustion-related stamina regen settings (whoops!).

    Removed some unused config options that I'd missed previously.

    Added more settings validation checks.


    New source code:
    using System;
    using StardewModdingAPI;
    using StardewModdingAPI.Events;
    using StardewValley;
    namespace Regeneration {
       public class ModConfig {
         public float healthRegenAbsolutePerSecond { get; set; }
  4. v1.1.0

    I've added the ability to have Exhaustion affect your stamina regen rate and stamina idle time before regen, and more importantly, I've added HealthRange and StaminaRange arrays that allow you to custom-define modifiers to the regen rates, running regen rates, and idle times based on whether the current health or stamina is within a defined range. The effects of all applicable range structures will be applied to the regen rates and idle times.

    Additionally, I've tinkered around with the...