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Outdated RedPack Tech & Flying Carpet 2.0k (Upbeat Giraffe)

RedPack Tech & Flying Carpet - A hovering and improved Gravity Bubble tech

  1. Adding default AI speech text

    Since they implemented "default" responses for AI commands in SAIL, I've changed this too, so now mods should be cross-species friendly.
    It's a very small update, but will enable my mods to work for all your custom species.
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  2. Usability improvements

    AquaPod got liquidImmunity which basically means it protects your from any harm from liquids (like poison or lava).
    RedPack and FlyingCarpet were slightly changed, so now finally when you're holding down and space (aka drop level from platform) you actually don't activate the tech as long as holding down and space at the same time.

    Hope you like this change, or please leave some feedback on how you'd like it to be.
  3. Update for Upbeat Giraffe

    Small changes to Lua scripts for the new nightly version
  4. Updated LUA scripts

    Just a minor update to LUA, so it works with recent nightly changes.
    Also re-organized mod folder a bit, so now there's 'stable' and 'nightly' subfolders where the appropriate mods are.
    Also added the experimental AquaPod (submarine tech). Activate/deactivate with F in liquids.
  5. Small but essential fixes

    Download 2.0g here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13248066/Starbound/RedPack_v2.0g.zip
    Hey all. Just wanted to add small modifications I made during experimenting with the usage of the tech in conjunction with some other techs. Now it should be a bit more robust and not interfere with other tech (much).
    Also... I've been working on this ... but still needs work:
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  6. Small fixes and modfied RedPack to work under water

    Flying Carpet did not change, just a bit of code cleanup there.
    RedPack went through overhaul for it to be able to work under water (for all those pesky Ocean worlds).
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  7. Added EnableTech to the AI command, to enable locked tech

    Small addition to the new tech learning mechanics: ShowTech to show the locked tech and EnableTech to enable locked tech.
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  8. Remove tech chips, and added ai commands

    This is a rework, for the new way to learn tech items - via SAIL.
    Note: If you're using custom modded species then please add texts for your custom species in the flyingcarpet.aicommand and redpack.aicommand, or it will crash your client. Works fine for built in species, wabbels and felins.
    ALSO! New hotkey to disable tech is "special" == 2 or the "G" key by default....
  9. Fixed for new tech mechanics in nightly built

    It's a pretty big update today in the nightly build, regarding how you equip and use techs. Now there's head, body, legs and suit slots - and you can use all of the equipped techs at once!!

    I've classified both techs as "LEGS" now, this will probably change later, when I figure out where is best to put them :)

  10. Updates to LUA script

    I've updated the LUA scripts in beta version (update only for Rampaging Koala!)
    - movement in "down" direction has been changed and is now inline with other directions speed and acceleration
    - removed spawning of a carpet blueprint with new characters

    Changes for movement in enraged koala has NOT been updated (since I did not test it - will do it if there's interest)