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Outdated Rearrangeable Ship Parts 1.2

Lets you move your teleporter, captains chair, tech station, ship locker, and fuel tank.

  1. debugman18
    Compatible with version:
    Offended Koala

    Lets you move your teleporter, captains chair, tech station, ship locker, and fuel tank.


    If you're playing vanilla Starbound, go to step 1a. If you're using the Extended Ships mod, go to step 1b. If you're using any other mod, go to step 1c.

    1a. Nothing special needs to be done, go to step 2.

    1b. Delete the 'ships' folder within the 'ship_interiors' folder, and rename 'extended_ships' to 'ships', then proceed to step 2.

    1c. Copy the 'dropship.structure' file from your corresponding mod, and drop it into the relevant species folder of the 'ships' folder that you're using.

    2. Drop the 'ship_interiors' folder into your 'mods' folder within the Starbound directory.

    Special Notes:
    If using a compatibility version of this mod, and it still does not work, overwrite the mod's dropship.structure file with the corresponding one from this mod.

    This mod only works for new characters. It is incompatible with all ship mods, excluding the following:

    -Extended Ships
    -Industrious Orpheus Mining Colony
    -Massive Mitarus Station
    -Shard Battlecruiser

    If there are any ship mods that you would like this on, please leave a reply with the name of the mod, and I'll add support for it!
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Recent Reviews

  1. FireSpeed15
    Version: 1.2
    VERY helpful... But y u no update to giraffe?
  2. Hakuri
    Version: 1.2
    :0 this definitely answers my questions on changing the unbreakeable: true to false in the dropship.structure :3
  3. lare290
    Version: 1.1
  4. Murlocking
    Version: 1.1
    Does everything it say it does correctly + the author is really helpful :) +5