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"Realistic" Racial Healing Items (Indix, Avali and Lastree) healing items included) 1.4.0

A nice addition to make starbound a little harder :)

  1. 2 Races have healing items YEY

    I have added recipes for both Apex and Hylotl YEY!
    -Warning :changed some recipes for Avian and added some items that already existed in the games code:
    Ice Crystal :crafted at the medical station 2 on the buffs tab (Avian)
    Toxic Waste : crafted at any furnace on the second tab (Avian)
    Slime Blob : crafted at the medical station on the buffs tab (Avian)
    Pelt : crafted at the spinning wheel in the ingredients tab (Apex)
    Brown dye : has an easier recipe. (Apex)
    Kelp : Craftable by pressing [C] (Hylotl)
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