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Realistic Life 1.65 - Tweaks

Living actually matters now.

  1. More tweaks

    Chefs and Merchants
    - They now sell stuffs from 1x to 2x of the item's base price. Originally 1x. Some are stingy, some are nice.
    - They also buy your stuffs for 0.2x to 0.3x. Originally 0.2x.

    - Most drinks require water to cook / make now.
    - Most of them use the inferior hydration rate with the exception of Coconut, Cactus and Reef Juice.
    - Almost all of the drinks now increase your hydration with the exception of milkshake / shake and...Glitch's drink. I can't imagine how Glitch's...
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  2. Some bug fixes, and small tweaks

    Perfect Armor Tweaks
    - Perfect Armor set has been buffed to make it the "Jack of All Trades" armor set. It was nerfed too hard.
    Attack 300% > 330% [Max is 360]
    Health 60 > 90 [Max is 120]
    Energy 60 > 105 [Max is 150]
    - Perfect Armor pieces have their price adjusted to the number of PGI they needed to craft. IE Trousers are 20k Pixels instead of 50k Pixels. This is perhaps the most "???" thing I ever seen.
    - Perfect Armor now requires refined aegisalt, ferozium, violium and solarium stars to...
  3. Moon and Fuel tweaks

    Fuel and Moon tweaks
    - The surface sfx now has a calmer sound effect
    - Liquids now have 0 price...water conversion / dilution system is too strong. Special thanks to @Catherine Franz for mentioning the water conversion / dilution system.
    - You can now craft Phase Matter Essence to prevent Erchius Ghost from spawning. Method to unlock is the same as other essences
    - Erchius Ore, Liquid and Diluted liquid no longer gives fuel. Instead, you've to craft them into Erchius...
  4. You can now gather water from mud in campfire

    Pretty much the title. I seriously dug a well for my new character (for testing) but realised that my planet couldn't rain due to Diverse Weather mod (just RNG). This should be the last tweak for now since I feel the rate is rather nice. Now I just have to play long enough and see how it goes. Please give me some feedback too!
  5. "Bug" Fixes

    - Vending Machines and merchants now sell Bottled Distilled Water instead of Bottled Contaminated Water. Existing merchants have to be re-rolled I think.
    - 500 +/- liquid fuel you can find on space encounter is now reduced to 10x of small quantities (100, 250 and 50)
    - "Cooking" Bottled Distilled Water now unlocks the cooking collection. I know it doesn't make sense for something that is crafted in Apothecary to unlock a cooking collection but dilution in a cooking station sounds even...
  6. Thirst update and a bunch of other stuffs

    Thirst System (Revived from https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/hunger-thirst.2953/ and tweaked)
    - Dehydration
    This happens when you reach 0 of thirst. It is similar to starving where you'll get continuous damage and 50% less attack power. However you also get 0 Energy upon this stage and 70% movement penalty.
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  7. Too many changes

  8. Changes!...duh.

    - Changed most files to use .patch...cause it's better for everyone else.
    - Ores now have 5% chance to spawn in chest instead of 16% to encourage mining activity more instead of jumping from planet to planet to skim the surface and grab whatever you can and leave.
    - Healing items now have 10% chance to spawn in chest instead of 16%.
    - Mother Poptop no longer drops 20 Core Fragments now. She drops 3 pickaxes instead. Good luck mining your first 20(?) Core Fragments.
    - Introduced Emergency...
  9. Hunger changes and Healing item changes

    Hunger changes
    - Starving now reduce your attack by 50% cause you're nearly dying in this state.
    - Hungry now reduce your attack by 20% cause you're hungry.
    - Full Belly now reduce your attack by 10% cause your belly has taken all the blood cells to help it digest the food you overeaten.

    Healing item changes
    - Bandage now requires 4 additional Plant Fibers to craft. Still requires 5 seconds to heal 50 HP.
    - Medkit now requires 1 each of Scorched Core, Cryonic Extract, Static Cell, Venom...
  10. Some changes

    - Changed mod name to Realistic Life.
    - Decreased Health regeneration for Full Belly buff from 100% HP to 30 HP. Cause I still find myself abusing it.
    - Added 5 Salves and 3 Bandages to the Ship Locker. There should be some first aids in the ship.
    - Trees now take 1 hour to grow instead of 5 minutes. Crops take about 30 minutes to grow, but trees only take 5 minutes? Please no.
    - Healing duration of Bandage and Nanowrap Bandage had been increased to 5 seconds. Cause OP.
    - In-game time had...