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Realismbound v1.36 [fixed]

A uniquely extreme take on increasing Starbound's difficulty.

  1. greenRAM
    Version: Definitive v1.36
    Best to take this as a total conversion mod. It lets you experience Starbound in a fundamentally different way that you might really enjoy. Expect many compatibility issues. Its worth playing through on a new character on Hardcore difficulty at least once. My suggestion to make it more playable for longer would be to restructure it as a modular system of RB mods, instead of one singular overhaul. That way, players can remove or exchange parts to their liking. Restructuring to that degree is a pain though.

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work! You've created some truly interesting things here, filling in a fundamental area of development that Starbound still sadly lacks, a fully developed plot.
  2. zeromaster20
    Version: Definitive v1.35
    this fantastic the mod, but the interaction range increase a little bit not enough to market with the npc that are in this mod united systema expansion, I would appreciate it much
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      Download the latest version of RealismBound (v1.35) and make a new character. Old characters won't have the changes applied because that's just how player.config works.
  3. Strbrvsky
    Version: Definitive v1.32
    well it pretty damn good, except I cannot throw away useless item, without place to store them. it would be great if trash burn time is available than not. everything else is amazing
  4. Exu
    Version: Definitive v1.32
    OwO feels like Im playing a Brutal Terraria-like starbound! nice work!!!!!