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Realismbound v1.36 [fixed]

A uniquely extreme take on increasing Starbound's difficulty.

  1. soldierfast90
    Warning! Contains story elements with uncensored swearing and occult themes! These elements are part of a US.E story exclusive to RealismBound and are missions designed to fit with the heavily modified version of RealismBound characters! If you are offended by certain content, rage easily or you simply do not have the patience to play through the game again; then do not play this mod!

    This mod (AND SUBSEQUENT MOD UPDATES) will only apply to new characters. Any old characters created before this mod (OR PREVIOUS MOD VERSIONS) will inevitably crash (OR IF OLD MOD VERSION, WILL NOT BE AFFECTED BY UPDATED CHANGES) if selected in the main menu. Uninstallation of this mod will revert playability to old characters but remove playability to characters affected by this mod. Users may install and uninstall this mod at any time without affecting the game overall. All characters are safe.

    Steam Version:http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134232405

    Are you tired of your superhuman powers, even in hardcore mode? Do you want a challenge instead of making the game easier? Are you sick of wiping planets clean in seconds? The Definitive Version of RealismBound is here to make your new Starbound Life an absolute living nightmare!

    This mod isn't a cakewalk and voids many game-rushing strats. An open mind and puzzle solving skills are required to enjoy this mod.

    RealismBound is a mod that aims to make the player as handicapped as one would be in real life. Most aspects of the player have been changed to make the game harder in certain ways. Instead of just tiering up weapons and monsters, the player has become something that an actual person would experience in the situation.

    Being reduced to 12 slots for all items is still alot for a person but such a reduction in slots will make players think twice about what they bring with them. This necessitates for inventory planning instead of hoarding. Storage objects will also become extremely important with the player's reduced inventory size.

    The player retains their running speed but has a significantly reduced jump height of 1.5 blocks. While the player can still jump 1 block steps, anything above requires a pathway or some sort of staircase. Without materials, it's vital to bring rope or a grappling hook for vertical mobility. A running jump will grant 0.2 blocks of extra height, actually allowing a 2 block jump. Further mobility changes is the fall damage being tripled.

    Base Stats
    In order to make health more vital, the player has a base hp of 80, but an increased damage of 120%. This helps to both balance out stats and make weapons much more deadly, facilitating the need for aim. Careful planning is required to compensate for reduced hp. You are a fragile human/oid after all. Energy is also increased, allowing for increased special attacks but regeneration is slower, simulating a "reload".

    Along with the main features, RealismBound also reduces player interaction distance to 4 blocks (minimum to reach ground). The player starts out with a fully decked kit of survival gear. Food loss significantly reduced. Player light glow has been removed. Multiple US.E related items. Custom gun SFX. Cyanide. etc.

    Mission Revamps
    Yes exactly, this mod changes the ingame vanilla missions and improves them to suit the fragility of RealismBound players. Gravity has been reduced for almost all missions (especially Lunar Base) and new enemy types have been added (mainly Pagoda Library). There's also new music and both mech missions have been modified. Lore has also been placed into these missions, spicing it up a bit.
    Affected by Gravity only: Lunar Base and Floran Mission.
    Affected Entirely: Mech Basic, Mech Advanced, Protectorate Intro, Pagoda Library and Apex Mission.

    Evil Forces Mission
    This mission is a tier 6 mission entirely designed for the player's limited mobility. Given out by Lana Blake after destroying the Ruin the player will traverse a seemingly abandoned Apex Village to discover the fate of its inhabitants.

    Differences from Difficulty+ and Nightmare Edition
    This mod focuses more on the mobility and how the player generally flows through the game. It completely slows down everything, forcing the player to be more conscious of what they bring and to use complex puzzle-solving skills instead of brute force. The inventory makes the player rely heavily on storage and building. RealismBound also modifies the Vanilla Missions.

    Difficulty+ and it's nightmare edition addon, focuses on monsters, tiering and reducing the value of armor. I'd recommend getting those mods if you'd rather have tougher fights than a more grounded survival experience.

    Changes to the player
    - Breath regen 3/4.
    - Breath depletion doubled.
    - Running out of air will deal damage much faster.

    - Player cannot move at all in space.
    - Player jump height significantly reduced to 1.5-ish(?) blocks.
    - Player lethal fall damage tripled.
    - Air Friction of player increased to 1.0.

    - Player has a higher knockback tolerance.

    - Player interaction range reduced to 4 blocks.

    - It now takes 80-ish minutes for the player to starve completely.

    - Player health reduced to 80.
    - Player's energy reserve upped to 180.
    - Player's energy regen significantly reduced.
    - Increased player base attack power to 120%.

    - Trash burn time increased to essentially infinite. While it counts as an extra slot, it will not be able to stack with anymore items.

    - No more blinking invulnerability.
    - Player glow removed.
    - Player now starts out with a provisions kit.

    This patches in player.config and playerinventory.config! Most mods that modify/patch these files will be incompatible! This mod also patches the ship locker! Any patches to shiplocker.treasurepool will also either be incompatible or be overriden or override other mod ship locker patches!

    - Bk3k/Bk3000's Inventory Mod.
    - Difficulty+ and it's side-mods.
    - Other RealismBound versions (steam only | Alpha/Beta/Alpha Arcade).
    - Inventory Limiter.

    General Tips
    - Don't expect high jumps to be any forgiving.
    - A running jump grants extra jump height.
    - Switching to your knife is always faster than reloading.
    - More energy means more alt-fires. Use them.
    - Base building is emphasised. Set them up.
    - Scaffolding is required if you don't want to dig out a stairway or don't have climbing tools.
    - Focus less on building and more on basic survival and progression.
    - Climbing ropes, grappling hook, standard pulse jump and spike sphere morph ball is recommended.
    - Play it like Cry of Fear and you'll survive just as fine.

    - Throw away your goddamn items by actually dropping it in some cave and leaving that cave forever. Just dump it someplace you'll never return to.

    1. Locate realismbound_definitive.pak file.
    2. Drag said file into starbound mods folder.
    3. Start a new character or load an already affected RealismBound character.

    You'll be unable to play characters that weren't started with Realismbound.

    1. Delete/move realismbound_definitive.pak out of starbound mods folder.

    You'll now be able to play your old non-RealismBound characters but RealismBound characters will be unplayable (still retains information and so you can reinstall the mod later and continue playing that character).

    - RPG Growth mod - Gives a sense of progression as you level up from zero to vanilla strength to overpowered superperson.

    - Humble Healing - Makes health even more important by reducing the overall heal of healing items.

    GnioGnio - Sandbags, Military Transport and the Crashed Helicopter sprites.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed the dropbox link.
  2. v.1.36
  3. V1.35

Recent Reviews

  1. greenRAM
    Version: Definitive v1.36
    Best to take this as a total conversion mod. It lets you experience Starbound in a fundamentally different way that you might really enjoy. Expect many compatibility issues. Its worth playing through on a new character on Hardcore difficulty at least once. My suggestion to make it more playable for longer would be to restructure it as a modular system of RB mods, instead of one singular overhaul. That way, players can remove or exchange parts to their liking. Restructuring to that degree is a pain though.

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work! You've created some truly interesting things here, filling in a fundamental area of development that Starbound still sadly lacks, a fully developed plot.
  2. zeromaster20
    Version: Definitive v1.35
    this fantastic the mod, but the interaction range increase a little bit not enough to market with the npc that are in this mod united systema expansion, I would appreciate it much
    1. soldierfast90
      Author's Response
      Download the latest version of RealismBound (v1.35) and make a new character. Old characters won't have the changes applied because that's just how player.config works.
  3. Strbrvsky
    Version: Definitive v1.32
    well it pretty damn good, except I cannot throw away useless item, without place to store them. it would be great if trash burn time is available than not. everything else is amazing
  4. Exu
    Version: Definitive v1.32
    OwO feels like Im playing a Brutal Terraria-like starbound! nice work!!!!!