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Real Instruments V 0.2

Overhauling and adding realistic sounding instruments to the game

  1. FoxinTale
    What is it?
    This is a massive overhaul of the instruments of the game.
    It uses real samples, with most of them being in minor thirds, throughout the full real range of each instrument. None of the default full range from a1 to a7, unless the instrument does that.

    This was accomplished by having a clip of pure silence and setting any note that is not in that instruments range to silence.
    The soft and upright pianos are fully sampled throughout their entire range.
    All samples are gathered from free, open source sample libraries, public domain samples, and even a few recordings I made.

    Currently, this is only useful in Starbound Composer, though they can be spawned in via the "/spawnitem" command. They can easily be identified with the preceding text of "RI - ", for Real Instruments.
    A full list of the ids for spawning is in "items.txt".

    Here's the link to all the items: https://github.com/FoxinTale/Real-Instruments/blob/master/items.txt
    Here's a list of the current instruments:

    • Solo Violin
    • Solo Cello
    • First Violin Section
    • Second Violin Section
    • Viola Section
    • Cello Section
    • Contrabass / Double Bass Section

    • Solo Trumpet
    • Solo Horn
    • Solo Trombone
    • Solo Bass Trombone
    • Solo Tuba
    • Trumpet Section
    • Horn Section
    • Trombone Section
    • Horn Ensemble

    • Solo Piccolo
    • Solo Flute
    • Solo Alto Flute
    • Solo Clarinet
    • Solo Oboe
    • Solo Bassoon
    • Solo Bass Flute
    • Solo Contrabassoon
    • Flute Section
    • Clarinet Section
    • Oboe Section
    • Bassoon Section
    • Bass Flute
    • Baritone Saxophone
    • Tenor Saxophone
    • Alto Saxophone
    • Soprano Saxophone
    Keyed Instruments:
    • Upright Piano
    • Grand Piano
    • A second grand piano
    • Honky-Tonk Piano.
    • Soft Electric Piano

    • Tubular Bells
    • Glockenspiel
    • Xylophone
    • Vibrophone
    • Crotales

    Plucked & Picked Strings:
    • Acoustic Bass
    • Banjo
    • Steel-String Acoustic
    • Orchestral Harp
    • Distorted Electric Guitar
    • Steel String Acoustic Guitar
    • Clean Electric Bass

    While I have no idea how the other libraries were recorded, the distorted guitar was recorded by me.
    I have a Fender Squier Strat, with Ernie Ball 'Not Even Slinky" Strings, and a Behringer UM2 USB Audio interface. Amp sim used was Amplitube 4, on the 'Heavy St 1' preset.

    I plan to add many, many more instruments over time, such as the following:
    • Acoustic (Nylon) Guitar.
    • Mandolin
    • "Chunky" Electric Bass
    • Clean Electric Guitar
    • Rhythm Electric Guitar
    • Lead Electric Guitar
    • Overdrive Guitar
    • Timpani
    • Soft Electric Piano
    • 'Hard' Piano.
    • Electric Grand Piano
    • Soft Piano
    • Pizzicato Strings
    • Tremolo Strings
    • Choir
    • Various drumkits, for different tyes of sound.
    • Maybe a few extra bonuses sampled by me from an old Yamaha keyboard I have lying around.

    Eventually, the instruments will get added into the world. Whether that be via natural spawn, or a crafting interface we'll see whichever is easier.
    Links and Demos:

    Note - Despite having a large MIDI collection, only a few of them work well with Composer, as the rest are instrument heavy. I've added new demos, using a proper, competent music software and put those below. There are two versions, version 1 uses professional sample libraries costing hundreds of dollars. I no longer have access to those, as at the time I used a friend's computer to render them. Version two of the songs are the same MIDI but using the libraries/plugins I took the samples from to make this mod.

    Proper demos:

    Known Issues:
    The distorted electric guitar sounds a bit fake with rapid fire notes. I don't think there's anything I can do about it, sadly.

    Credits & Attributions:

    If you want to modify it, edit things, add new instruments, had a problem then fixed it, head over to the Github
    and fork it, submit an issue, and so on. Basically, if you make changes to it let me know, and if they're
    good enough, they might just make it into the releases (with credit, of course). The two license templates when
    creating a mod felt a bit restrictive, so just ignore that it says you need to ask. You can ask if you want,
    you'll very likely get permission whenever I see the message(s) anyways.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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