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Rainbow Light v1.4

A hue-shifting light meant to complete the rainbow biome's furniture set.

  1. v1.4

    - Updated to 1.0
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  2. v1.3

    - Added missing Novakid description.
    - Updated to Glad Giraffe's new config parameter for item tags.
  3. v1.2

    - Added tags.
    - Added race descriptions.
    - Rebalanced price to match similar objects.
  4. v1.1

    This update WILL cause previous versions of this light to change color. Sorry, this is to ensure that the stored hue of the light will always be the exact color of the light now. (Meaning this will never have to happen again.)
    - Optimized code.
    - Lights no longer change color if hue shift speed is changed.
    - storage.hue value will always reflect the exact hue of the light now.
    - Object animation will no longer reset as long as the light is changing colors.