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RadioactiveMetals 1.4 (PG)

Your daily dose of Vitamins α, β, and γ

  1. Version 1.4 - I be up in your gameplays, affecting it

    So Pleased Giraffe is here. Very cool update. Added a lot of interesting things, including the things that have made the Toxic Ocean biome my favorite biome of all.

    However, it came at a cost. Uranium and Solarium Ore no longer spawn in vanilla! Oh no! :chrono:

    Not only that, but Plutonium Ore and Rods were buffed to provide an obscene amount of ship fuel compared to their old versions. I mean, really, they went from 6 and 15 to 40 and 100! Holy crap, that's a lot of fuel.

    I disagree with...
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  2. Spirited Giraffe - Minor Update

    I don't believe this update was entirely necessary, but I thought I'd post it anyway.


    - Changed the Version in the modinfo file
    - Made Plutonium and Uranium ores look like this:

    uraniumore160.png plutoniumore160.png

    If you encounter any bugs, let me know. I don't think you will, but I didn't really playtest to check because I've had a busy weekend.
  3. Glowing Ores

    I've been sitting on this update for a while, without a good reason beyond "I'm busy". I figured it was about time I posted it.

    What does Radioactive Metals add now?

    Glowing ores!

    Sadly, not even the Dovahpreen could withstand all that radiation.
    Plutonium, Uranium and Solarium ores all glow with powerful radiation when found in the world. Plutonium glows much like the Erchius around it, Uranium green, and Solarium...
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  4. Upbeat Giraffe Compatibility Update

    Well, Chucklefish did it. They implemented the miniscule fixes I originally had added to RadioactiveMetals. No point in keeping those in the mod now. Now, RadioactiveMetals is purely cosmetic. If it will be purely cosmetic, though, what could I do to improve it?

    Add more graphical changes, of course!

    Now, a wide array of items radiate. From simple glowsticks to powerful Erchius, you'll begin to notice a lot more color in your inventory than before. Take caution to not let it melt your...
  5. RadioactiveMetals - 105 Downloads Special!

    For such a small mod that I initially released as an April Fool's joke to get 105 downloads is quite amazing to me. In the span of ~two weeks, it's gotten more downloads than my more serious Rattan mod, and my WIP Gallavoir race mod.

    To commemorate this interesting development, I...
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