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RadioactiveMetals 1.4 (PG)

Your daily dose of Vitamins α, β, and γ

  1. RadioactiveMetals - 105 Downloads Special!

    For such a small mod that I initially released as an April Fool's joke to get 105 downloads is quite amazing to me. In the span of ~two weeks, it's gotten more downloads than my more serious Rattan mod, and my WIP Gallavoir race mod.

    To commemorate this interesting development, I decided to build on it a bit.

    This update increases the fuel rates of Uranium, Plutonium, and Solarium Rods to 10, 15, and 20 respectively.

    It also fixes the issue with Diamonds in the Refinery. They used to give 200 Pixels per Diamond, while Diamond Ore gave 100. As it takes four Diamond Ore to make a Diamond, it makes much more sense to have Diamonds give 400 Pixels and now they do.

    Finally, the update now includes Unstable compatibility (as a Folder), and a Readme file to encourage feedback and provide instructions for newer users.

    Please feel free to leave feedback for ideas and such. :)
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