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RadioactiveMetals 1.4 (PG)

Your daily dose of Vitamins α, β, and γ

  1. Version 1.4 - I be up in your gameplays, affecting it

    So Pleased Giraffe is here. Very cool update. Added a lot of interesting things, including the things that have made the Toxic Ocean biome my favorite biome of all.

    However, it came at a cost. Uranium and Solarium Ore no longer spawn in vanilla! Oh no! :chrono:

    Not only that, but Plutonium Ore and Rods were buffed to provide an obscene amount of ship fuel compared to their old versions. I mean, really, they went from 6 and 15 to 40 and 100! Holy crap, that's a lot of fuel.

    I disagree with that change, so I decided I'd make this update focus on affecting gameplay, albeit in small ways.

    1. I, of course, updated the item graphics. Ember Coral from Ocean biomes, for example, now glow a satisfying orange color, among other items which have been illuminated.

    2. I nerfed the amount of ship fuel one can obtain from a single Plutonium Ore and Plutonium Rod from 40 and 100 to 6 and 15, and also added Plutonium Ore, Uranium Ore, Uranium Rods, Solarium Ore, and Solarium Stars to the Outpost's new Ore Merchant (found on the right-most balcony near the Penguin Bay). I also increased the price of Liquid Erchius fuel at the Infinity Express from 1 Pixel to 5 Pixels each. Also, you can craft with Uranium and Solarium again - the recipes for their Rod and Star can be found at the Alloy Furnace and Magnetic Crucible after you buy some ore!

    3. I nerfed the amount of Liquid Erchius one can find on Airless (formerly Moon) biome worlds. There should be significantly less than before, but not so little that it makes searching for it a pain.

    4. I added a new fuel source! Toxic Waste Barrels! After picking up Radioactive Waste blocks or Toxic Waste items from the misshapen trees growing on Toxic Ocean worlds, you will learn this awesome new recipe which allows you to craft Toxic Waste Barrels from 10 Radioactive Waste, 5 Toxic Waste and 1 Metal Barrel. Each is worth 15 fuel and, once made, the Toxic Waste Barrel can be scanned into your 3D Printer so you can basically convert Pixels to ship fuel on the go... at the cost of 150 Pixels per Barrel! You'll get more bang for your pixel if you physically head out and find Plutonium or Liquid Erchius, or buy some radioactive ores from the Ore Merchant.

    Metal Barrels can be found outside of mines on Garden biome worlds, if you need one. You can scan them into your 3D Printer and print multiples of them for 60 Pixels each.

    Come bask in the radiation with me!
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