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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.5.3!

Bringing back the forgotten weapons of starbound's alpha!

  1. V 2.3.1


    Hotfix for the following issues which I somehow managed to overlook...

    ( Note : This Update Will Break Crafted Unique Weapons )

    - Custom Weapon Naming Conventions Made More Consistent
    - Added Ability to Learn MegaToken Recipe from crafting the Upgrader
    - Added Custom Weapons to Default Blueprints so that you can actually craft them...
    - Crafting Object Descriptions Improved to Reflect what they are for/do
    - Crafting Object Scan Text Improved
    - Added Text to Crafting Interface to Clarify How to Unlock Mega Tokens
    - Added Text to Upgrader Desc to Clarify That it Unlocks Mega Tokens
    - File Cleanup
    - Code Cleanup
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