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Racial Weapon Megamod Now Version 2.5.3!

Bringing back the forgotten weapons of starbound's alpha!

  1. V2.3.0

    NEW IN V 2.3.0


    New Custom Weapons!:

    Introducing new and exciting stylized weaponry!
    These unique weapons are crafted with thought and the utmost of care!
    Each one of these one-of-a-kind items can be bought from the racial crafting table under the shopping section for MEGA RWM Tokens.

    Subsequent versions will introduce new weapons from time to time, though currently there are a few neat ones to try out!

    - Added/Finished Crimson Cutter
    - Added/Finished Winged Fury
    - Added/Finished Peashooter
    - Added/Finished Old Pistol

    New Items:
    - RWM Mega Token
    These MEGA Tokens can be crafted using 4 normal tokens.
    Once crafted at the RWM Crafting Table, these tokens can be used to buy special items!

    Quality of Life Improvements:

    - RWM Crafter UI Clarity Improved / New Section Added (SHOPPING)
    - RWM Crafter, Randomizer, Upgrader, and MegaMart renamed for better clarity as to which mod they belong to.
    - RWM Randomizer, Upgrader, and Megamart recipes now craftable from the RWM Crafter.
    - Item Description Adjustments.
    - Adjusted Crafting Surface Art/Anim

    Difficulty Adjustments:
    - RWM Token Fragments needed to Craft the RWM token have been increased from 4 -> 6
    - RWM Token Price at MegaMart increased from 2500 -> 3000
    - Decreased Spawn Rates by 0.05 for tokens and token fragments in treasure pools

    Bug Patches: (A Numerable Few)
    Apparently Novakid Weapons were pretty broken there...

    - Weapon Price Issue Fixed (No More Price Disparity/Pixel Exploit) (Guns/Melee(Basic))
    - RWM MegaMart Text Color Fixed
    - Fixed Missing Positioning Code for Novakid Weapons ( Basic T1-10 )
    - Grammatical Corrections, AND maybe a new error or two idk
    - Fixed Novakid Weapon Positioning Rand/Unrand Rifles/Revolvers
    - Fixed Novakid T0 Revolver Upgrade Recipe
    - Fixed Positioning Disparity in Coding For Novakid Weapons (Rand/Unrand)
    - Fixed Rifle 9 Burst Shot Positioning
    - Fixed RWM Crafter Art Inconsistency
    - Changed Novakid Rifles 2, 6 Firerate and Weapon Type (Sniper -> Assault Rifle)
    - Tweaked Novakid Rifles 2, 3, 6 DMG
    - Fixed Disparity in Weapon Cooldown State for Rifles 2, 6
    - Added New Ability to Random Generation Pool ( Explosive Burst )
    - Fixed Missing T10 Recipes for T1,T2 Revolvers
    - Fixed T1-T10 Glitch With T0 Revolver

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