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Outdated Racial Crossover Mod v1.0 Of Mice and Goats

Allows modded races to talk with each other. 10 races and counting!

  1. v1.0 Of Mice and Goats (Mousqutaires and Peglaci join!)

    In recent updates, I've been setting the version to v0.<# of races> and we've finally hit 10! That means we're at v1.0 as of now! Exciting times!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Mousqutaires are a race of honorable duelists who just so happen to be cheese worshiping mice!

    The Peglaci Peacekeepers roam the galaxy with advanced weaponry and technology all the while prepared for the coldest of...
  2. Game breaking hotfix.

    See previous update for info on Nephilim!
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  3. The Dark Side of Crossing Over (Nephilim added!)

    I'm never quite sure what to put in these update fields as it's kind of obvious what to expect in any given update. So I'll just keep it short and sweet.

    Time to welcome the terribly unwelcoming Nephilim by Squaff!
    Fans of Darksiders will recognize this breed of militant part-angels who come to Starbound with a pissed off attitude and plenty of rage to throw at...
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  4. 2.5 Races Added!

    Did someone say new races?
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Avali and the Munali have joined the conversation!

    We are very excited to have both of these races added in bring our total to 7 races!

    The Munali are an underwater race that worships the elements and has just incredible amounts of style.

    The Avali need no introduction as raptor-like feathered hunters that just...​
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  5. Enraged Koala (And Partial Avali Compatibility)

    Title pretty much says it all!

    Avali compatibility is now about 1/3 in with several of our races now being willing to talk to the fine feathered folks. More importantly, it should now run fine with Enraged Koala!

    -Kobolds, Mantis, and Reptan now have things to say to Avali.
    -Enraged Koala Compatibility
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  6. Furious Koala Update

    Just a little update here!
    • Furious Koala Compatible
    • Greys now talk with Mantis
    • ~10 miscellaneous other new lines
  7. Mantis Race Added!

    Mantis Race Added!
    • The mantis race now works with the other 4! More communication!
    • A bunch of other new lines!