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Outdated Racial Crossover Mod v1.0 Of Mice and Goats

Allows modded races to talk with each other. 10 races and counting!

  1. v1.0 Of Mice and Goats (Mousqutaires and Peglaci join!)

    In recent updates, I've been setting the version to v0.<# of races> and we've finally hit 10! That means we're at v1.0 as of now! Exciting times!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Mousqutaires are a race of honorable duelists who just so happen to be cheese worshiping mice!

    The Peglaci Peacekeepers roam the galaxy with advanced weaponry and technology all the while prepared for the coldest of environs.

    Get them now as the Universe expands just a bit more!

    • Added Mousqutaires and Peglaci races
    • Several races filled in along the way
    • Over 1,000 lines of dialogue now available!
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