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Racial Crafting & Printing 1.8.1

Craft & Print racial furniture

  1. Fixes

    Fixed errors from Avian and Floran 3D printers.
  2. Small changes

    Changed all crafting recipies with Processor involved. Now you will need Silicon Board for these objects.
  3. Post-Launch update 1.7

    You will find in Inventor's Table one new object and another one at 2 level of the Table.
    Racial Tablet and Racial Hologram.
    racialtablet.jpg racialholo.jpg
    At Racial Tablet you can craft all racial crafting stations. Also bones if you have hard time to get them.(for Floran Crafting Station)
    At Racial Hologram you can buy 3d Printers for racial furniture.

    If you find any bugs let me know.
  4. 1.6 - Animations

    - Apex, Avian and Hylotl tables are animated. Alternative versions too.
    - 3D printers are animated.

    Consider this as official update to Glad Giraffe
  5. Update 1.5

    Mod is now rebuilded.
    Racial objects are now scannable again.
    Crafting tables no longer needs Pixels to be crafted.
    Pricing in 3D Printers is changed to new stable update pricing system.
    (+1 pixel more cause game does not allowed me to make same price as in ship's 3d printer)
    Apex main metal is titanium from now on.
    Hylotl main metal is durasteel.
    Avian no longer uses sandstone bricks but cobblestone bricks.
    Florans can craft bones from raw alien ham.
    Added new Avian and Hylotl...
  6. 1.4 Pleased Giraffe - Minor Fix

    Fixed Glitch interactive objects(Anvil and Furnace) that caused game crash.
    Other races objects seems to be ok from waht I've tested.

    Let me know if something more is causing crashes.
  7. 1.4 Pleased Giraffe


    New crafting windows, with name of the race and racial ai icon(same as crafting table).

    3d Printers are now printable in your ships 3d Printer.

    3d Printers also has new crafting windows with icons.

    Glitch Castle Platfrom is deleted from the mod.
  8. Pleased Giraffe

    Testing new game update. Still cannot say if mod is working or not.
    Seems that glitch castle platform object is gone
  9. 1.3 Okea fix

    Now there are 2 versions:
    Normal and Okea Fix, use only one.
    Okea Fix: deleted Glitch Castle Platform, so it will not conflict with Pixel Goods Store mod.

    Let me know if something is causing any trouble.
  10. Racial Crafting & Printing - Update 1.2

    Drunken Rock Lee mentioned about error with feathers1.recipe. My stupid mistake for not uploading fixed version(again). Fixed version is now here.
    If you also get error about Okea: it is glitch castle platform. I do not get this error. Possible you have some other mod with it.

    So many downloads and only Drunken Rock Lee posted about this error...
    Come on poeple, this was critical...