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Racial Beamaxe Mod 3.0.1

Customized Racial Beamaxes for Starbound's core races and more.

  1. Item Update

    1) Added new features to alter the skin for your Inspection Tool.
  2. Update for Starbound [STABLE] 1.0.5

    Update for Starbound [STABLE] 1.0.5:
    Significant changes from previous versions...
    1. New UI Interface for Skin Module Selections.
    2. Beamaxe Panel now acts as your Gateway for this interface and is awarded to beginning characters for free. The Panel is still available for characters (regardless of species) that are already in play by purchasing it through your main crafting [C] interface.
    3. Updates to Images and Skinsets

  3. Bugfix: Paint gun sound

    Paint gun makes sounds again... that is all.
  4. Bugfix: Paint gun/Glad Giraffe

    Fixed a bug where the paint gun was not appearing in the character's hand once unlocked
  5. Bug Fix

    Repaired bug to Humans, beamaxes should function normally now for beginning characters.
  6. Update for [STABLE] Glad Giraffe

  7. Racial Beamaxe Hotfix

    Added a new command (Repair Matter Manipulator) to the Repair Options that will reissue any Matter Manipulator that has been turned into a Perfectly Generic Item as a result of upgrading from the initial version of this mod.
  8. Racial Beamaxe Hotfix

    Added new elements to the Repair Options after discovering certain commands were cloned on existing characters.

    Working on a fix for existing characters created using the
    Racial Beamaxe Mod v1.0.
    Currently doing so for Vanilla races (save for...
  9. Racial Beamaxe

    Compatible with Pleased Giraffe - Update 5.

    Lots of new features included allow for custom races to enable lost commands and access to the new mod options located in your Ships AI.

    Please refer to the mod page for short in game instructions.