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Outdated Race Insectoid 1.5.8

Over 40 quests and 10 tiers of weapons. Also a lot of wings and Tech!New spaceship.

  1. Dozer
    This is my first mod and I tried very hard.
    Please leave good reviews, it will help me greatly:)

    A new race of insectoids, with lots of customizable options; such as jaw shape, eye shape and the shape of the antennae.

    The Insectoid race appeared very long ago on a blue\green planet called Earth. The first Insectoids were large, non-sentient beings that ruled the earth. However, over time, they began to shrink in size, and they lost their status at the top of the food chain to a new race, Humans. These humans were much larger than the now shrunken Insctoids, which were about the size of a human finger. The humans created a new name for the Insectoids, insects. But soon after the humans took over aliens began to arrive, and they quickly realized which race had greater potential. The Insectoids, with the help of the aliens, started to evolve into sentient beings, and once again took over the earth. Several centuries later the insectoids had become fully self-aware, sentient beings. Now, this thriving race looks towards the stars...

    There are 30 kinds of antennae, jaws 10 species and 30 kinds of eyes.
    4.png 5.png 6.png 7.png 8.png 9.png 10.png 11.png 12.png

    Insect Wings
    16.png 17.png 18.png 13.png
    and Firefly Wings that glow in the dark!
    Blue Firefly Wings
    Yellow Firefly Wings

    Red Firefly Wings

    and Green Firefly Wings

    Insectoid Hoverbike

    Is on robotic workbench of 500 pixels and 60 titanium ingots

    Red Stinger

    Is on robotic workbench of 1000 pixels and 40 durasteel ingots

    Black Stinger
    Is on robotic workbench of 1500 pixels and 40 aeigisalt ingots

    Flying Beetle Mech
    Is on robotic workbench of 1000 pixels and 50 titanium ingots
    Ladybug Mech

    Is on robotic workbench of 1500 pixels and 50 durastell ingots

    They have their spaceship. 3.png 2.png 1.png
    Racial weapons from tier 1 to 10
    Broadswords insectoidtier1broadsword.png insectoidtier2broadsword.png insectoidtier3broadsword.png insectoidtier4broadsword.png insectoidtier5broadsword.png insectoidtier6broadsword.png insectoidtier7broadsword.png insectoidtier8broadsword.png insectoidtier9broadsword.png insectoidtier10broadsword.png
    Axes insectoidtier1axe.png insectoidtier2axe.png insectoidtier3axe.png insectoidtier4axe.png insectoidtier5axe.png insectoidtier6axe.png insectoidtier7axe.png insectoidtier8axe.png insectoidtier9axe.png insectoidtier10axe.png
    Daggers insectoidtier1dagger.png insectoidtier2dagger.png insectoidtier3dagger.png insectoidtier4dagger.png insectoidtier5dagger.png insectoidtier6dagger.png insectoidtier7dagger.png insectoidtier8dagger.png insectoidtier9dagger.png insectoidtier10dagger.png
    Hammers insectoidtier1hammer.png insectoidtier2hammer.png insectoidtier3hammer.png insectoidtier4hammer.png insectoidtier5hammer.png insectoidtier6hammer.png insectoidtier7hammer.png insectoidtier8hammer.png insectoidtier9hammer.png insectoidtier10hammer.png
    Shortswords insectoidtier1shortsword.png insectoidtier2shortsword.png insectoidtier3shortsword.png insectoidtier4shortsword.png insectoidtier5shortsword.png insectoidtier6shortsword.png insectoidtier7shortsword.png insectoidtier8shortsword.png insectoidtier9shortsword.png insectoidtier10shortsword.png
    Spears insectoidtier1spear.png insectoidtier2spear.png insectoidtier3spear.png insectoidtier4spear.png insectoidtier5spear.png insectoidtier6spear.png insectoidtier7spear.png insectoidtier8spear.png insectoidtier9spear.png insectoidtier10spear.png
    Now there are more than 40 quests!

    Have their racial flag!

    Has its own name generator!

    What would you like to see in this fashion?
    Email me and I will try to do it.

    If you find any errors, please contact me. Thank you=)

    Set as normal modes of race.

    PS I'm from Russia, so the translation may be incorrectly for you =)
    If something is unclear, do not hesitate to ask =)

    Special Thanks :
    SSStormy(http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/ssstormy.251244):authorized the use of its wings fashion.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. dropship.png
    2. 6.png
    3. 7.png
    4. upload_2014-1-25_17-26-44.png
    5. dropship.png

Recent Updates

  1. Compatibility with Enraged Koala
  2. Fix
  3. Add More Wings

Recent Reviews

  1. TheGuyThatAteTheHat
    Version: 1.5.8
    I'd love to see this mod updated. I used to play with it and it was just great! I hope you see this and maybe you could work on it to fit the Glad Giraffe / 1.0 update. :)
    1. Dozer
  2. XxG0R3_DUCKxX
    Version: 1.5.8
    Very nice love the whole insect thing but my only problem is i cant make the insect mount things for some reason ive tried to do different ingots and titanium but i just cant find it in the Robotic Workbench but all in all very good love the ship aswell ;) 100/10
  3. TheSpiderDungeon
    Version: 1.5.8
    This is nice. It's a very well-planned and thought-out mod. Plus, I like insects ^.^
    Now if only there was a spider race...
  4. Spacelizard
    Version: 1.5.8
    Excellent mod.
  5. xxx616player
    Version: 1.5.8
    I have downloadet it and i put in the folder mods but it dont works:(
    Please help cause this mod seems great!!!!!
  6. inowayi
    Version: 1.5.8
    Awesome still!
  7. Desarra97
    Version: 1.5.8
    This mod is awesome! I did have to use another mod (the extended character creation one) to actually be able to select the race, and I haven't found out where to get any of the wings yet (are they craftable?), but otherwise I've had no other problems, and so far I'm having so much fun using the tech, too. Great mod, can't wait for the Enraged Koala update. :D
  8. Xandoniangames
    Version: 1.5.8
    This mod is great. When will it be updated to Enraged Koala
  9. Cannonball
    Version: 1.5.7
    i love this mod! but i cant figure out how to install it right, and "set to normal mode of races" doesn't help =(
  10. Nucleus
    Version: 1.5.6
    Great mod but when do you unlock racial weapons?
    Has Amazing potential love the mod