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Outdated Race: Crystalath (Upbeat Giraffe) 0.2.5

From far away, he search for knowledge. The Crystalaths awake.

  1. inteur72
    Now for UPBEAT GIRAFFE !!!
    First of all: Thanks for the review to everyone I love you :D
    I was pretty tired by creating this mod in the past but now it's totally different, the update has change and give me a new way to make my race, so here we are!

    0.2.5 UPDATE !
    The Giraffe Was Here
    Taste the awake !
    ADD :

      • -T4Ship (+all files for the next update)
      • -T1 weapont
      • -T1 + T2 Armor
      • -Death Animation
      • Crystalath Flag
        Research Table + 6craft

      • Remove the first staff from the ship chest (more balance)
    Here a video i make to presente the mod 0.2.5 (+plus the new features):

    The Crystalath was a peacfull race, creat with crystal dark matter and a mysterious liquid, no one actualy know what is it.

    As far as we know the Crystalath, travel from far beyond the galaxie to collect the most massive knowledge as possible.
    Her body was made with 70% of crystal and the last 30% with her organs. Her skin color was chose by the Crystalath imself whene he grow in his crystal.

      • Male Skin / 9 hairs and 6 skin color. (1 starter Armor)
      • Starter
      • Own Race Ship
      • Tier 1 weaponts
      • Tier 1-2 armors
    (note: the crystal power on the hull was unactived because the ship wasn't repar)

    Planned Features for the Next Update:

      • -Damage Sound
      • -More Magic Spell and staff (like healing)
      • -Some Crystalath's foods
      • -femal Graphics (or not)
      • -more Hairs
      • -Beards
    Planned Features:

      • -Next Tiers weapons & All armors
      • -All Codex
      • -New items, dungeons and other things from the race content.
    Warning, it's a pre-beta version the mod wasn't finish yet, actualy you have just the Male graphics the woman come later.
    And i have a work and i can't work all the day on it ^^

    You need to install a character slot mod like this one:
    "Simple Extended Character Creation" by Xander Kau found HERE

    The feedback was important for me to improve the mod, thank you.
    I love you guys :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. weapons.png
    2. 008update.png

Recent Reviews

  1. slamina3
    Version: 0.2.5
    Good mod but i'm waiting for new updates and the spirited giraffe version.
  2. Slurpington
    Version: 0.2.5
    im rating it on what I see cause the download wont load
  3. Kamidarko
    Version: 0.2.5
    Definitely one of my more enjoyed race mods I have found for UG. Love the idea and the specific aspects this race brings with it. 4 stars for now but when it is finished definitely a 5.
  4. Echochu
    Version: 0.2.5
    This is a truly beautiful race mod. Great job!
    1. inteur72
      Author's Response
      Thanks you soooo much, it's a real pleasure to see a coment like this one :D
      love you guys ^^
  5. Vuldreg
    Version: 0.0.8
    I've always loved the idea behind living stone people and will be watching for more updates, Also want to mention an idea for a custom death for your Crystalath. I think it would be cool if the way they come back is a geode cracking open like an egg.
    1. inteur72
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much, for the custom death i have the idea of a crystal who grow with you on it and after he cracking and open like an egg.

      Pretty like as you say :D
  6. Mapekus
    Version: 0.0.7B
    Crystalline humanoids always have been one of my soft spots. The ship and weapons have nice art, too. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
    1. inteur72
      Author's Response
      Thanks for all :D
  7. xtomass
    Version: 0.0.7B
    Rock/Crystal People are fantastic.The sprites are great. The ship is good. I just can't wait to see the race armors,if you're planning to make em. Also What gave you the idea?

    Also I featured this mod in my Mod List series
    (Can I beg thee to add this video to the description of the mod?)
    1. inteur72
      Author's Response
      Thanks for all, it's always a pleasur to see a guy like you who enjoy the mod :D
      The race armor (starter is done) and it's a long cloth dress.
      The idea of the mod was just... Just want to do a race, i like to play with it, and the rock/crystal was fantastic like you said.

      And of course i had your video on the mod description. I enjoy it :D

      Thanks for all :)
  8. Dozer
    Version: 0.0.6
    1. inteur72
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
      Do you have any suggest or whatever ?