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Outdated Race Abilities 1.3b Enraged Koala

Adds Racial bonuses to all current races!

  1. Dr. Toros
    This is a mod that adds abilities to all the existing races, which take the form of an invisible back item.

    Characters can now craft a "Genetics Station" in their hand menu that will allow them to craft their racial items. For some species, additional Genetics Station recipes are unlocked after defeating the first boss.

    After defeating the final boss, the Genetics Station can be upgraded, allowing access to all bonuses and items.

    Big thank you to StarBrethren for featuring this mod on his youtube channel!

    Current Bonuses:

    -15% increased run speed and jump height.
    -After defeating the first boss, can craft the "Monkey Grip", a climbing tool.

    -Hold control and spy with your eagle eye!
    -After defeating the first boss, can craft a gliding tech. (hold up to glide)

    -Regenerate energy faster in sunlight, slowly regenerate health
    - Tenderize and eat meat raw!

    -Resist low temperatures and never starve.
    -After first boss, can upgrade back item to provide either double the cold protection, or produce light.

    -Make stimpacks from things you have lying around!

    -Stay underwater as long as you want, and greatly improved swimming physics via a tech. -After first boss, can craft water-producing gun.

    In development:
    -Limited flight tech for Avian
    -Nanosuit back item for Humans with interchangeable abilities.

    Version 1.3b
    Fixed bugs introduced in Enraged Koala​

    Please let me know about any bugs so that I can squash them.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. nereshadow
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    Good idea
  2. TheBauz
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
  3. Nilly00
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    the only bad think is i have to constantly wear them as backpack or keep them in my hands right?
    i then could better use my light drone it makes light heat and oxygen together in one
  4. rb303
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    is goot
  5. That.Fellow.Dutch
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    I like the mod, but the humans ability is kind of lame (no offence). I mean there's already a sweet mod that allows you to make stims called Apex Medical Science. I'll update this if I come up with an idear or two.
    1. Dr. Toros
      Author's Response
      There are a number of things I'd like to do with this mod. Once the next stable version comes out I'll need to rewrite or fix a lot of code, which will also allow me a lot more creative possibilities.

      I'd like to make a cybernetic enhancement progression for humans, but I don't want to produce new content just to rewrite it in a week.
  6. gabrimatx
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
  7. Death eyes
    Death eyes
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    ware do you get the tabula rasa?
    1. Dr. Toros
      Author's Response
      Tabula rasa is no longer required for this mod. You should be able to make all the items in your bare hands.
  8. lockemurdock
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    Good stuff, but the Floran race is bugged right now. The genetics device doesn't have anything for them.
    1. Dr. Toros
      Author's Response
      I'll get this sorted out tonight or tomorrow.
  9. bobbie6765
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    a very interesting mod.
  10. Tencha
    Version: 1.3b Enraged Koala
    I love the mod but the perfectly generic item recipe does not appear any more. Or was that a glitch or something?
    1. Dr. Toros