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Quick Zoom AHK 2020-08-28

needs AutoHotkey, for windowed 1920x1080

  1. kaetzer
    I made this AutoHotkey file to quickly zoom in and out, since I usually play with zoom level 3x but use mechs in zoom level 2x and got tired of clicking through the menus every time

    Needs AutoHotkey

    How to use:
    1. Install AutoHotkey
    2. Extract the file you downloaded from here (location doesn't matter, put it wherever you want to)
    3. Run the extracted "Starbound Zoom.ahk" (just double click)
    4. In Starbound you can now press "+" on the Numpad (on the right side of your keyboard) to zoom in, or "-" on the Numpad to zoom out
    (it's very quick, but to be safe: make sure to not press anything else while it does its thing for it to work properly)
    (5. I recommend closing AutoHotkey after playing, or it will execute the script every time you press the corresponding keys)

    How it works:
    AutoHotkey is a program that can run a script (.ahk file) that "presses" keys. And it can do so very quickly.
    This script does the following:
    1. presses "escape" to open the menu
    2. clicks the "Options" button
    3. clicks the "Graphics" button
    4. clicks the "arrow" button under "zoom level", either left or right, depending on what you pressed (+ to zoom in, - to zoom out)
    5. presses "escape" twice to bring you back to the game

    Keep in mind: This is made for Windowed with a resolution of 1920x1080 and will not work in fullscreen or on other resolutions.
    To click a certain point on the screen it uses an X/Y coordinates system. This is why it wont work in fullscreen or on different resolutions since the buttons are at different coordinates.
    I will not make any other versions, BUT I will tell you how to edit it to suit your needs.

    First you'll need a program to display the coordinates of the mouse cursor.

    Getting Coordinates(windowed):
    You can use MouseLoc or something similar, but it won't work in fullscreen.
    1. Start MouseLoc. You'll see a small little window in the bottom right corner showing coordinates. X: and Y:. This is where your mouse cursor is
    2. in the WINDOWED Starbound, in-game, open the menu by pressing "escape"
    3. hover the cursor over the "Options" button
    4. write down the coordinates MouseLoc is displaying
    5. redo 3. and 4. for the "Graphics" button within "Options" and for the two arrows under "zoom level" within the "Graphics" menu until you have four sets of coordinates. Options, Graphics, Zoom In and Zoom Out

    Getting Coordinates(fullscreen and windowed):
    For this I recommend using GhostMouse, a program like AutoHotkey but for mouse only which can also record
    1. Start Ghost Mouse and click on "Options" -> "Settings" -> "Hotkeys"
    2. Here you can assign hotkeys for the record and play functions. We only need "record" so click on "Record/Stop" and then press the key you want to use, like "Ctrl+r", which I use and will be using during the guide. Then press "Ok"
    3. go to "Options" -> "Recording" -> "Options" and and remove all the tics except for "Mouse Click". Then press "Ok"
    3. In-game in starbound press "escape" to open the menu
    4. press "Ctrl+r" (or whatever you assigned for Ghost Mouse to record), Ghost Mouse will now start recording your clicks
    5. In-game in Starbound click on "Options" then on "Graphics" then on the "left arrow" under "zoom level" then on the "right arrow" under "zoom level"
    6. press "Ctrl+r" again to stop recording
    7. press "Alt-Tab" or quit Starbound to get to Ghost Mouse
    8. in Ghost Mouse click on "File" -> "Save". Pick a place to save (personally I prefer the Desktop, so it's right there) and a name (I use "coordinates" for this guide)
    9. now go the newly created "coordinates.rms", right click it and select "Edit with Notepad++". It should look like this (without my colour markings of course):


    10. now you have four double sets of coordinates that correspond with the buttons on your resolution. "Options" (red), "Graphics" (blue), "left arrow" (green) and "right arrow" (yellow).

    Now you need to change the coordinates in the .ahk file, for this you need something to edit it. I strongly recommend Notepad++
    1. right click on the "Starbound Zoom.ahk" and select "Edit with Notepad++" from the menu, you'll see something like this (without my colour markings of course):


    2. change the coordinates for "Options" to yours at lines 13 and 35 (red). The first one is X, the second one is Y
    3. repeat 2. for "Options" at lines 15 and 37 (blue), "zoom out" at line 17 (green) and "zoom in" at line 39 (yellow)
    4. Save and you are done!

    Feel free to upload your edits
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.