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Purist Enhanced Techs 2.0 2016-08-14

Purist Enhanced Techs

  1. meowreka
    non-steam version:

    Q. So what's new in 2.0?
    A. Almost everything. All the techs have been revamped, improved, or even straight up changed.

    Q. Purist? What are you on about?
    A. To put it as simply as possible, what I mean by "purist" here is that it doesn't go against the spirit of the game. It's not a cheat mod, but rather the way that (at least in my opinion) the game deserves to be played. All of the items in this mod fit within the context of the game even without other mods to back them up, and it doesn't seem like you're playing a totally different game (though some of the changes ARE quite radical).

    So why should I even bother?
    All of the techs are extremely useful, yet balanced. It's not a matter of any one tech being the de facto best tech or any set of techs being the best, it's a matter of genuine personal preference which is something the vanilla game lacks. Every tech adds to your ability to explore and survive, and are all useful in their own ways. Many vanilla techs have been outright replaced to accomodate this.

    Q. Does this work with other tech mods?
    A. The short answer is that it won't work with tech mods that alter any of the vanilla techs.

    I tried to keep the code as clean as I could and I altered as few lua files as I had to, but if any other mod decides it wants to change the way the default techs work then they will conflict and I don't know who will come out on top. If you're using a tech mod that ADDS A NEW TECH, you should be fine. Otherwise, be wary.

    Q. How do I get these new techs?
    A. These techs aren't new, they strictly replace the vanilla available techs.

    Q. What about the tech quests?
    A. As the default vanilla tech quests aren't designed with this nonsense in mind, it's best to complete them with the vanilla techs first before installing this mod.

    I want to keep some details "secret," i.e. you find them out for yourself, but the major changes are listed here. The names and descriptions of most of them have been changed in-game to reflect what they are and what they do, but a little experimentation will help you find out the rest.

    == Distortion Spheres ==

    Once nothing but a stop-gap solution to crouching, now they are defensive curls that protect you from harm.

    Defense Curl functions like Distortion Sphere, but with a massive boost to your armor.
    Spiked Sphere offers less protection in exchange for wall climbing ability.
    Escape Sphere offers the least protection of the defensive spheres, but gives you a very handy spin dash (that can be used mid-air) to help you get out of a tough situation.
    Gravity Sphere distorts gravity around you, which creates an almost rubber-ball effect when first activated. But even if you don't time it perfectly, it reduces fall damage after that effect has worn off.

    == Body Tech ==

    Rather than all just being a variation of the standard dash, body techs now perform different unique functions.

    Running Shoes increase your running speed, though the trade-off is a much slower acceleration. Performing a standard dash will get you up to speed.
    Sprint feels like you are actually SPRINTING. You can cover some serious distance in a short time, but not without expending energy.
    Blink Dash gives you a greater invulnerability time and is much more usable, but otherwise functions much the same as before.
    Air Dash has had some of its physics altered, but otherwise is just a dash in the air. The only standard dash left.

    == Leg Tech ==

    High Jump lets you jump very high and reduces fall damage a bit. Hold the jump button to get the most out of it. Also, you can wall jump with it!
    Triple Jump may initially feel the same as the original multi jump, but the alterations to its velocity change how it works.
    Rocket Boots let you expend energy to fly for a short time. Just make sure you watch your energy, because you come down faster than you go up.
    Glide expends no energy, but gives you no vertical lift. It also gives you the greatest wall jump, and lets you cling to walls for a short time.

    And most importantly, none of this would possible without my good friend Jorhua
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. JT`
    Version: 2016-08-14
    The Running Shoes tech more or less breaks the game. When starting a new character., this is the very first tech you get in the game and becomes permanently locked on upon purchase, until such time as you purchase another Body tech by spending 8 tech cards so you can switch to that one instead. Unless you cheat additional tech cards into the game or otherwise cheat to unlock the various techs, being trapped in this near-frictionless state will render it extremely difficult to obtain the additional tech cards you need to unlock your next tech in the first place, as you will quite literally have to dash all the time in order to move around. I presume that this mod is fairer on existing characters who have already unlocked the vanilla techs, but is definitely *not* recommended for starting a new game.
  2. Cirom
    Version: 2016-08-14
    A decent attempt to rebalance the existing techs, as the vanilla techs really don't feel that useful or balanced at all... except a lot of the changes seem to go quite a bit overboard, which very much feels against the "Purist" goals of the mod. Instead of the techs being too weak, now they're WAY too strong.
    1. meowreka
      Author's Response
      Which techs, specifically, feel too strong and how do you think it could be improved?
  3. Kori
    Version: 2016-08-14
    Only one thing, could you make download link for people with GOG version?