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Protogen Race 0.8.7c

Adds Protogens to Starbound!

  1. Numerous catch-up updates

    Been a long time since I've updated the mod here, and I've changed a lot over on the steam version lately. This version is always going to be slower to update, so if that's an issue for you I strongly recommend using the workshop version if possible.
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  2. Outcasts

    Update 0.8.1 - Outcasts


    ARMOUR - Added a unique set of late game armour, craftable sets for all tiers are coming soon.

    WEAPONS - Added an upgraded variant of the Lightrifle, more upgraded variants are coming soon, as well as more entirely new weapons.

    CRAFTING - Made the Protogen crafting table upgradeable, and added a totally new crafting station which will produce useful materials to craft the new high-tier gear.

    FURNITURE - Added a number of new furniture items, and fixed...
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  3. New recipes and items

    +New crafting recipes for a lot of items!
    +RAM vending machine!
    +RAM healing items! Plain/RGB/RGB Gold! (RGB Gold is overpowered I know)
    +Requisition terminal! Digitally construct Protogen items for Pixels!
    +A few decorative items
    +New plushies! Tem and Zihzu!

    ~Swapped firing sounds for all weapons
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  4. Big update

    See description for details. There's a lot
  5. Hotfix 3: The Fixening

    Acidentally left in some WIP files I shouldn't have, which had the potential to cause crashes. This has now been fixed.
  6. Hotfix - Tenant Suicide 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Talked NPC's out of committing suicide over missing characters in the converse patch file.
  7. General Improvement

    Updated sprites for a bunch of stuff, added proto plushies, and did a few other minor things.
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  8. Bug fixes, new sprites, that sorta thing.

    So there's been quite a few developments as of late on the Steam workshop that I haven't been able to add here for a while, due to problems connecting to the site. This has since been fixed, and the updates are available now.
  9. Weapons Update

    Changed a few sprites, added some glow effects, that kind of thing. Oh, and a new weapon.