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Protogen Race 0.8.7c

Adds Protogens to Starbound!

  1. Shotshell156

    This mod adds Protogens to Starbound!

    This mod is in it's very early stages, and as such may not be entirely balanced or function properly. Let me know of any bugs you find, and I'll be sure to fix those ASAP.

    What are Protogens?

    This will require a mod that adds more species options to the character creation screen. I recommend Xbawks Character Extender

    Mannequins add-on: available here

    Extended customization add-on: available here

    Frackin' Universe BYOS support: available here


    New update: Update V0.8.7c

    Minor update v0.8.7c - Improvements to ship sprites in a few areas that fixed several issues, fixed weird layering issue with ship detail & support blocks, adjusted colour of wall blocks, redesign of support block

    Minor update v0.8.7b
    - Overhaul of SAIL sprites (again), I've gotten a little better at art since I made the last set, and this new iteration has a lot of fixes over the previous version. I don't think I changed anything else but I may have forgotten, do let me know as always if something is bugged.

    Minor update v0.8.7a
    - New ship pet colour variation, added missing new protogen storage locker sprites.

    Minor update v0.8.7
    - New sprites for ship objects to fit new theme, still definitely a work in progress as I find an interesting style. Expect things to change over time. Also added a new plushie, some new SAIL stuff, a new storage container, and I think that's it

    Hotfix v0.8.6a
    - Fixed crash/error related to protopc object

    Minor update v0.8.6
    - Added new names to namegen pool, fixed missing crafting recipe for floor blocks, overhaul of tech upgrade background body sprites, improvements to respawn animation, other minor fixes.

    Minor update v0.8.5
    - Redid more sprites to match new aesthetic, added some new decoration objects/blocks.

    Minor update v0.8.4
    - Added bed & Shotgun Mk.2, redid a few sprites, crafting UI Refresh, fixed a typo, major rebalance and price adjustment for weapons and armour

    Minor update v0.8.3
    - Total overhaul of weapon sprites and sounds, added storage locker & vanity helmet to hide head armour. Craftable at any time for 1 dirt block

    Minor update v0.8.2
    - Added support for features provided by Futara's Dragon Pixel Full Bright Shader mod, minor alterations to outcast sprite, new ship pet

    Minor update v0.8.1
    - New fur/LED colour options (one each), slightly altered head sprite

    An update a long time coming, with new additions and fixes.


    ARMOUR - Added a unique set of late game armour, craftable sets for all tiers are coming soon.

    WEAPONS - Added an upgraded variant of the Lightrifle, more upgraded variants are coming soon, as well as more entirely new weapons.

    CRAFTING - Made the Protogen crafting table upgradeable, and added a totally new crafting station which will produce useful materials to craft the new high-tier gear.

    FURNITURE - Added a number of new furniture items, and fixed a few issues regarding plushes.

    TENANTS - Added a method to more consistently spawn Protogen tenants using colony deeds, use enough Protogen furniture in a room and the NPC will always spawn as a Protogen!

    NPCS - Added a custom merchant NPC, which is spawnable with a colony deed and a particularly mysterious furniture item...

    SOUND - Added a new hurt sound effect created by Riv, please feel free to give feedback to help us get the right sound for the species.


    SOUND - swapped firing sounds for the Lightrifle and swing sound for the Lightblade.


    MISC - Numerous fixes, hopefully should prevent crashes and stuff.

    Frackin' Universe FUSAIL patch available here, though FU itself should come with out of the box compatibility now. I will be working on my own Frackin' Races stat add-on at some point though.


    0.6 - initial Steam Workshop release

    0.6b - Added tech UI and emote sprites

    0.6c - Fixed issue with tenant suicide

    0.6.9 - New fur colours, new LED colours, a second hairstyle option, fixed some sprite issues, added leg panels to base sprites

    0.6.9b - Changed a few sprites, added some glow effects, that kind of thing. Oh, and a new weapon.

    0.6.9c - New sprites for ship objects, new damage SFX.

    0.6.9d - Stability update, fixed a crash on acquisition of Lightrifle

    0.6.9e - Stability update, fixed a crash related to two .frames files

    0.7.0 - Changed sprites and added Protogen teddy bears, among other things

    0.7.4 - Rebalance pass, new items, new sprites, other misc. changes.

    0.7.5 - A whole bunch of stuff that I honestly forget at this point

    What is currently included in this mod:
    -Full custom race with all requisite sprites
    -Custom race-specific weapons
    -Custom unique, late-game armour set
    -Custom NPC merchant
    -Custom race-specific S.A.I.L sprites
    -WIP custom respawn animations
    -Custom race ship, textures courtesy of Brossu_

    What will be added to the mod at a later date:
    -Custom race-specific armours

    If anything, and I mean ANYTHING, is awry, let me know ASAP. I want your feedback to help me make this mod something the community can enjoy.

    Special thanks:

    The steam version can be downloaded here.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. StarboundScreenshot1.png
    2. StarboundScreenshot2.png
    3. StarboundScreenshot3.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Numerous catch-up updates
  2. Outcasts
  3. New recipes and items

Recent Reviews

  1. protogen01
    Version: 0.8.7c
    it is good but it needs to be updated
  2. BanhammerUA
    Version: 0.8.7c
    good mod, need rework weapon balance thou
  3. BioChem
    Version: 0.8.7c
    This mod is amazing I really enjoyed playing it and I can't wait to see what updates you add in the future
  4. xfinesset
    Version: 0.8.7c
    This Race reminds me of Omega-Xis from Mega man Star Force.
  5. Platerion
    Version: 0.8.1
    This is a pretty cool mod.
    The only thing I dislike is that there are very few things when creating the character.
    And I sincerely think that the S.A.I.L could be better drawn.

    But the rest seems like a good mod to me
  6. Sgarts
    Version: 0.7.5
  7. Lumpy109
    Version: 0.7.5
    Very good mod, I love the style of the cybernetic-like raptor aliens, kind of reminds me of an anime, though I can't remember it. Anyways, very well done!
    5 stars! <3
  8. raanana
    Version: 0.7.4
    1. Shotshell156
  9. Kelo4242
    Version: 0.7.0b
    i cant encounter any protogen fix that
  10. Dell_Paradox
    Version: 0.7.0b
    Awesome mod!