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Protectorate themed Blocks 1.2.2

A mod that adds Various Protectorate themed blocks

  1. Tree Island

    Maya de Garde
    Added 3 new Blocks and changed the look of Sloped Protectorate Floor block. It'snow paintable!

    Protectorate Bush(Doubles as tree leafes too)
    Protectorate Energy girder(glowy stripes found under the tree in the intro)
    Protectorate Pillars (Shrinked versions of the bridge pillars)
  2. Little Micro fix

    Maya de Garde
    Fixed the item drops for Protectorate White wall and Protectorate Flooring
  3. The Sloped Update

    Maya de Garde
    After the release of 1.3 and the introduction of sloped tiles, I had the ability to make a whole bunch of new tiles.

    This update features 5 new tiles, 2 reworked tiles and 1 newly added vanilla block recipe.

    Sloped Protectorate White Wall
    Sloped Protectorate Orange Wall
    Sloped Heavy Protectorate Wall
    Sloped Protectorate Floor
    (Sloped)Protectorate Banner Block
    Recipe for Sodblock

    Glass works now like sloped tiles instead of pipes.
    Reinforced Protectorate wall renamed to...
  4. 2 New Blocks

    Maya de Garde
    Added 2 new Blocks.
    A advanced version of the girder, which works similar to pipes.
    And A protectorateglass block