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Prop Pack 1.5.0

The Universe's #1 Shopping Catalogue and Shipping

  1. Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

    Not quite dead! Prop Pack v. 1.5.0 is here!
    Major Changes
    - three new furniture sets have been added to our extensive furniture sets tab, along with their corresponding bundle boxes!
    - double door props have been added to the door props tab!
    - rare elemental variants of certain pets have been reported in the kennel tab!
    - new additions to the following catalog tabs:
    ppbundleson-export.png ppdoorson-export.png ppflowerpotson-export.png
    ppfurnitureon-export.png ppshipon-export.png ppwalldecoron-export.png
    Minor Changes
    - several sprite adjustments
    - changes to racial flavor text for several objects
    - redid colors for the pet poptop
    - minor bug fixes
    Other / Important Notes
    - shifting decor previously seen in the book stack and tulip objects will be phased out of the mod in future updates due to technical difficulties. I'm currently looking into ways to implement furniture variants here if you'd like to help!​
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