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Prop Pack 1.5.0

The Universe's #1 Shopping Catalogue and Shipping

  1. Fun Fact! This Update is Seven Months Late Because the Mod Author is a Chronically Lazy Bum!

    1.4.0 preview.png
    It's been a while, but I'm proud to say that Prop Pack is officially back!

    Major Changes

    - An unprecedented six new Furniture Sets have been added into our extensive Furniture Sets Tab, along with their corresponding bundle boxes! Credit for the initial sprites for the Industrial Kitchen set goes to @izzykuroneko here on the forums and concept art for the Barracks set go to @Extra Ram over on Steam! Amazing work, guys!

    - Stylish, modern pet beds have been added into the Ship Decor Tab!

    - New additions to the following catalog tabs:

    ppblockson-export.png ppbundleson-export.png ppshipon-export.png ppstorageon-export.png ppwalldecoron-export.png

    Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:

    - minor changes to text and racial descriptions
    - minor sprite adjustments
    - moved previously existing Joja furniture into the Furniture Sets Tab as part of the new set.​
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