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Project Redemption 9.7

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Ye Olde Update

    decided to fold the Ye Olde Armory mod into this one, for the most part the content added in that mod is the same as in here (besides some minor polishing here and there), but I have disabled the cultist lair dungeon and (admittedly rather unfinished) beta biomes. I have also decided to make the stone sword and legend blade loot found within alpine chests as opposed to from a weird plant.
    I have also added in some new unused things, such as the harpoon gun (found in chests along the ocean...
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  2. Post Revamp update

    Post-revamp update: +added partial knockback resist to protector's breastplace +made it so both halogen and xenon packs apply radiation immunity +added USCM tower microdungeon variant, and finally fixed them +perfectly generic items now require solarium stars to purchase from treasured trophies for the sake of balance +the elemental crossbow it sells now requires some durasteel for the same reason +added Impervium ore +added Impervium ore sample object (found within geodes like the vanilla...
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  3. bugfix update

    just a small update this time, mostly fixing compat with origins of species and a nerf to the ruin (it's now tier 8). There's also two new codices and a few minor bits and bobs here and there.

    the protector's breastplate now has partial knockback resistance thanks to elsenrykker
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  4. origins of species compat update

    +added compat with origins of species
    *new tweaked protector's armor helmet sprite courtesy of omega
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  5. Revamp Update

    The revamp update is finally here! And just in time for the end of summer too!

    +buffed the ruin to tier 10
    +buffed solus katana mech arm
    +added a new page to the Terrene Union Codex

    *completely revamped USCM remnant ship, it should be much less laggy now, and far more in line with established vanilla USCM ship design.
    *converted the ancient sword into a dagger, with a custom swipe
    *tweaked the thrust power of the rocket thrusters tech, should now act more like the multi...
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  6. misc update the nth

    3.0 update:
    -Impervium alloy
    -Impervium armor
    -an Impervium shield
    -New dialogue for Esther, Nuru, Koichi, and the Baron
    -Two new codices
    -a USCM remnant bunker dungeon

    NOTE: I changed the ids for the ancient sword, ancient mask and assault set for the sake of compatibility, apologies for the inconvenience
    -fixed the strange synergy between the protector's sphere and other protector's armor techs alongside some minor tweaks to them
    -removed augment support for the...
  7. tower hotfix

    should fix a typo that basically turned the towers into planet crackers, my bad
  8. mini misc update

    fixed the spawnrate of the USCM tower dungeons now (they should be much rarer now) and buffed the protector's armor slightly. new additions include reusable and largely improved versions of the bounty hunting vehicles, shadow guards and an addendum to the paladin initiative codex
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  9. Haven't forgotten you guys!

    Sorry about letting this version of my mod lag behind the steam version, this should now be up to date. too much stuff has been added to list here so just have a look at the face-lifted front page for all of the content!
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  10. yellow glimmer

    tweaked master manipulator a bit