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Project Redemption 8.1

A lore friendly expansion to Starbound

  1. Minor update

    just some minor bugfixes/tweaks
  2. Prismatic Update

    Took me long enough, but the prismatic set of equipment is finally here, alongside some general polishing of existing content.
    ~ Armor techs can now be freely swapped around even with Protector's armor on and are permanently unlocked.
    + Added in the Prismatic armor and shield, tier 5 predecessors to Impervious equipment, crafted at the new Constructor Addon from Prisilite!
    ~ Impervious equipment is now crafted at said Constructor Addon as well.
    + New microdungeons for magma planets! You can...
  3. Minor polishing

    just a bunch of minor polishing/tweaking to get ready for another content update
  4. Fixes and tweaks

    just some more fixes and tweaks, namely regarding platinum, the USCM remnant ship now also has proper thrusters to it too
  5. I'm still alive!

    yep, I'm still alive, and so is this mod, just some minor updates this time, also changed where it's getting updated since my github link kinda sucks.

    + added an NPC to the outpost who basically operates as a lost and found merchant, she only shows up following the completion of the Erchius Mining Facility mission for new players, right at the far end of the ark

    + added built in Arcana support so that USCM remnant bunkers can show up on certain Arcana planets, namely Blistering, Windswept,...
  6. final job offers fix

    finalized the power dash and finally fixed job offers compat once and for all
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  7. fixed fix

    fixed the previous fix for job offers compat, special thanks for bk3000 for this one
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  8. job offers fix

    hopefully fixed compatibility between this mod and job offers
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  9. Lore update part 1

    update 7.0, the Lore update (part 1):

    welp, this one took me a little bit to push out, and I ended up having to cut some stuff for a part 2 to this update since this mod has recently surpassed 20k subs! In addition to a bunch of content I had planned for some time, this has a bit of a bonus update merged into it, thank you all for the subs!

    +dialogue for friendly deadbeat npcs
    +two new fossils
    +a USCM riot shield with a built in flashlight
    +a new wand, the ancient scepter
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  10. Ye Olde Update

    decided to fold the Ye Olde Armory mod into this one, for the most part the content added in that mod is the same as in here (besides some minor polishing here and there), but I have disabled the cultist lair dungeon and (admittedly rather unfinished) beta biomes. I have also decided to make the stone sword and legend blade loot found within alpine chests as opposed to from a weird plant.
    I have also added in some new unused things, such as the harpoon gun (found in chests along the ocean...