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Project Redemption 9.3

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Parity update

    Small update to make sure things have parity with the steam version, now includes support for Whobound's timelord intro mission!
  2. Minor tweak

    Turns out I made the new ritual encounter much too rare, should be actually findable now!
  3. Minor hotfixes

    Just some minor hotfixes to resolve some snafus I made
  4. 100th update woo! And on Halloween no less!

    To celebrate, this update introduces a sinister new weapon obtained via a ritual that can rarely be found hidden on Midnight planets. I won't spoil what it is though, or what it can do...
  5. hotfix

    *small hotfix for some of the enabled microdungeons
  6. Armor update!

    + Added in Platinum armor and a cosmetic set unique to the Avian mission, credits to Some Moe You Don't know for the sprites behind both sets!
    ~ Enabled a bunch of disabled biome microdungeons, expect to see a bit more variety when out exploring the universe now!
    ~ Other minor tweaks

    This update was mostly pushed out to fix an issue caused by using this mod, Maple32, and Anom's outpost overhaul all together at once, but since a few things I had been working on for a more larger update were...
  7. Minor update

    just some minor bugfixes/tweaks
  8. Prismatic Update

    Took me long enough, but the prismatic set of equipment is finally here, alongside some general polishing of existing content.
    ~ Armor techs can now be freely swapped around even with Protector's armor on and are permanently unlocked.
    + Added in the Prismatic armor and shield, tier 5 predecessors to Impervious equipment, crafted at the new Constructor Addon from Prisilite!
    ~ Impervious equipment is now crafted at said Constructor Addon as well.
    + New microdungeons for magma planets! You can...
  9. Minor polishing

    just a bunch of minor polishing/tweaking to get ready for another content update
  10. Fixes and tweaks

    just some more fixes and tweaks, namely regarding platinum, the USCM remnant ship now also has proper thrusters to it too