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Project Redemption 9.8

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Prismatic Update

    Took me long enough, but the prismatic set of equipment is finally here, alongside some general polishing of existing content.
    ~ Armor techs can now be freely swapped around even with Protector's armor on and are permanently unlocked.
    + Added in the Prismatic armor and shield, tier 5 predecessors to Impervious equipment, crafted at the new Constructor Addon from Prisilite!
    ~ Impervious equipment is now crafted at said Constructor Addon as well.
    + New microdungeons for magma planets! You can now find Impervium and other goodies from fallen meteor microdungeons instead of large meteors.
    + Impervium can now also be found rarely in asteroid belts above the surface of planets.
    ~ Replaced the ability of the Ancient Scepter with a new one. It now summons an Ancient drone that will fight for you instead of producing a shield.
    ~ Replaced the old USCM Remnant tower microdungeons with new USCM Remnant camps, they should easily show up for people now!
    + Added in Novakid Merchant camps!
    + Added a new Apex outlaw npc!
    + Hylotl undersea dungeons now spawn on arctic planets!
    ~ Rewrote the Avian Codex into something that isn't based off of some misremembered (and likely modded) scan dialogue.
    ~ Made a small tweak to the Avian Mission so that one can now backtrack through the path split area.
    * Probably forgot some other minor additions/changes, happy new year!
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