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Project Redemption 9.3

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Post Revamp update

    Post-revamp update: +added partial knockback resist to protector's breastplace +made it so both halogen and xenon packs apply radiation immunity +added USCM tower microdungeon variant, and finally fixed them +perfectly generic items now require solarium stars to purchase from treasured trophies for the sake of balance +the elemental crossbow it sells now requires some durasteel for the same reason +added Impervium ore +added Impervium ore sample object (found within geodes like the vanilla ore samples) +some minor object description changes, mostly for the racial flags +Impervium armor now applies lava, fire, and poison immunity as well as knockback resist *rebalanced protector's armor tech and protector's handgun *changed how the recipes for protector's armor are obtained, a quest popup should show once both the protector's broadsword and handgun have been repaired, makes things more immersive *gave the ancient knife a hardlight blade *shadow guards no longer will be found patrolling by their peaceful counterparts, they will now be summoned in when regular shadows are attacked, beware the vengeance of the shadows *completely changed how Impervium is obtained now, it's no longer an alloy but rather a naturally forming metal ore found only from large meteors. the large meteor weather can be found on both volcanic and magma worlds, all Impervium sprites have also received some pallet tweak too, should be cheaper to craft stuff with too. *tweaked the USCM broadcast codex slighty -removed Terrene Guard dialogue from human guards, was strange seeing Shellguard mercs talking about being part of the Terrene Guard -removed custom desc for USCM remnant ship, it's been moved to the new addon patch for redone ship encounters -removed built in MPI support since it was causing some issues, it's been moved to a seperate mod now (there are probably some changes/additions I've forgotten about in this update... ah well)
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