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Project Redemption 9.3

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Revamp Update

    The revamp update is finally here! And just in time for the end of summer too!

    +buffed the ruin to tier 10
    +buffed solus katana mech arm
    +added a new page to the Terrene Union Codex

    *completely revamped USCM remnant ship, it should be much less laggy now, and far more in line with established vanilla USCM ship design.
    *converted the ancient sword into a dagger, with a custom swipe
    *tweaked the thrust power of the rocket thrusters tech, should now act more like the multi jump tech when tapped
    *tweaked the damage given from the protector's sphere to make it more viable in combat
    *nerfed protector's armor defense back to default.

    -removed expanded starting kit
    -removed the tactical assault set
    -removed the master manipulator skin
    these items were removed because I did not ask permission, even if I gave credits to the people who sprited up those two items, I just couldn't sit with content like that in my mod. rest assured that those are the only things I did not get permissions for.
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