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Project Redemption 9.3

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. I'm still alive!

    yep, I'm still alive, and so is this mod, just some minor updates this time, also changed where it's getting updated since my github link kinda sucks.

    + added an NPC to the outpost who basically operates as a lost and found merchant, she only shows up following the completion of the Erchius Mining Facility mission for new players, right at the far end of the ark

    + added built in Arcana support so that USCM remnant bunkers can show up on certain Arcana planets, namely Blistering, Windswept, Stahlern Badlands, Solarized, Bamboo Forest, and Azure Desert planets.

    + reintroduced MPI support into the base mod!

    ~ reworked how Penguin Pete gives the player their Protectorate dropship

    ~ shortened the Protector's Helm sprite and icon by about one pixel, hopefully people can finally stop saying its too big, this is the last change I'm making to Protector's armor anyways

    - removed the damaged sidearm and broken broadsword from treasured trophies

    - disabled the USCM jeep by removing its controller from Penguin Pete's store

    / probably made some other minor changes I've forgot to mention
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