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Project Redemption 9.3

A lore friendly misc expansion to Starbound

  1. Ye Olde Update

    decided to fold the Ye Olde Armory mod into this one, for the most part the content added in that mod is the same as in here (besides some minor polishing here and there), but I have disabled the cultist lair dungeon and (admittedly rather unfinished) beta biomes. I have also decided to make the stone sword and legend blade loot found within alpine chests as opposed to from a weird plant.
    I have also added in some new unused things, such as the harpoon gun (found in chests along the ocean floor), and bubble gun (found in the colorful minibiome)
    additionally I've made platinum infinitely more useful in this mod, by making it a vital component of many of the more techy items in this mod, additionally I've made the heart forge and shield generator craftable too in this update.
    (you should probably go uninstall Ye Olde Armory too if you happen to have it)
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