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Project Knightfall Version 1.6.0

Enhance your character with some powerful high tech and heavy duty endgame weapons and armor.

  1. Project Knightfall: The Gunships Update

    Upgrade 1.6.0 Changelog

    New Weapons:
    - Pulsar Prism Rifle - A brand new rifle that fires beams of channeled light that can refract from the initial target, with chances of hitting other enemies from unlikely angles.
    - Lumino Prism Rifle - A one-handed pistol that fires beams of channeled light, similar to the Pulsar.
    - Pulverizer Dual Barreled Incendiary Shotgun - A dual barreled shotgun that fires a burst of 2 slugs that burst into...
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  2. Project Knightfall: The Furniture Upgrade

    Upgrade 1.5:

    Finally after over a month of work, I'm happy to present to you the next round of content for the Knightfall Initiative. Featuring new pieces of furniture for builders, aswell as 4 new powerful weapons to defeat your enemies.
    Let's break it down.

    New Items:

    - Arena Arm Cannon - A powerful, one-handed, high damage arm cannon that fires a powerful bullet followed by several missiles. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.
    - Vulcan Arm Cannon - A rapid fire,...
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  3. Project Knightfall: The Drone Upgrade

    Upgrade 1.4 Changelog:

    New Items:

    - Spectre Battle Drone - A brand new combat support companion. Comes in 3 variants - Plasma Bolt, Imploder Missile, and Statis Grenade. Purchaseable from the new Drone Vending Machine.

    - Bonecrusher Mace - A new melee weapon featuring a 3 hit combo. Each hit stuns the enemy for a few seconds, and each hit reduces the enemy's armour. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.

    - Removed custom categories for...
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  4. Re-balancing Update

    Rolling out a quick re-balance patch for all weapons.

    Expect some major damage reduction to all heavy ordnance weapons, such as the Centurion, Direhound, Hailstorm, Spitfire, and Meteor.

    As for the other weapons, I've also made some minor adjustments.