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Project Knightfall Version 1.6.0

Enhance your character with some powerful high tech and heavy duty endgame weapons and armor.

  1. Project Knightfall: The Gunships Update

    Upgrade 1.6.0 Changelog

    New Weapons:
    - Pulsar Prism Rifle - A brand new rifle that fires beams of channeled light that can refract from the initial target, with chances of hitting other enemies from unlikely angles.
    - Lumino Prism Rifle - A one-handed pistol that fires beams of channeled light, similar to the Pulsar.
    - Pulverizer Dual Barreled Incendiary Shotgun - A dual barreled shotgun that fires a burst of 2 slugs that burst into flames on impact. Alt-fire fires a single burst instead, with bonus damage.
    - Stalker Combat Plasma Bow - A plasma bow that fires plasma bolts that travel in a straight line. Perfect shot fires a piercing arrow. Alt-fire fires an arrow that detonates into a burst of smaller bullets.
    - Helix Arm Cannon - A one-handed arm cannon that fires a plasma bolt with orbitting plasma seekers.
    - Swarmguider Guided Missile Launcher - A missile launcher that fires homing plasma imploder missiles. Alt-fire fires incendiary guided missiles that leaves flames on impact.
    - Leveler Grenade Launcher - A grenade launcher that fires plasma grenades which eject shrapnel on impact. Alt-fire fires an Area-Denial Grenade that creates a field which lowers armor, slows, and electrifies enemies.
    - Large Plasma Grenades - A plasma grenade with a bigger explosion but a longer cooldown. Deals more damage than a regular plasma grenade.

    Also included are 6 new unlisted weapons that can be accessed through the Knightfall Discord Server, such as Jetfire's Black Hole Weapons.

    All weapons are available in the Knightfall Weapon Printer.

    New Vehicles:
    - Firehawk Fighter - An agile, speedy, but fragile fighter aircraft armed with 2 plasma cannons and 2 HEAT missiles. Special (F Key) deploys 2 Missile Spectres.
    - Gryphon Gunship - Standard - A powerful gunship that's armed with 2 plasma chain guns and 2 launchers with 4 HEAT missiles each. Special (F Key) drops a knockback bomb that can knockback enemies at great distances.
    - Gryphon Gunship - Support - A variant of the Gryphon that's armed with a chrono cannon and 2 launchers with 16 plasma missiles each. Special (F Key) fires a Disintegrator missile.
    - Gryphon Transport - An unarmed variant of the Gryphon. Has space for 4 passengers.
    - Seraph Siege Gunship - A heavily armed, but somewhat fragile gunship armed with 4 unique weapons, such as a rapid-fire machinegun, 2 plasma cannons and 2 launchers with 6 HE rockets each. Special (F Key) fires the top missile launchers on the top of the gunship, releasing 6 plasma seekers that home in on enemies, dealing moderate damage.

    All vehicles are available in the Knightfall Vehicle Shop.

    New Pets:
    - Hammer Heavy Defense Drone - A tanky drone that can take a lot of hits and distract enemy units.
    - Augmented Crustoise - A tanky crustoise armed with plasma spikes that deal burning and electric damage.
    - Augmented Orbide - A modified orbide with greater speed and health that's armed with plasma claws that deal burning and electric damage.

    All pets are available at the Drone Vending Machine and the Augmented Vending Machine.

    - Slight sprite improvements and sprite changes to several weapons, objects, and projectiles.
    - Slight buff to the Raptor and the Shatterer.
    - Centurion's rockets now leave flame trails on impact.
    - New SFX for guns with a rotating cartridge.
    - Some weapons receive a tweak to their SFX volume.
    - Paints receive a color adjustment to make them look less saturated and more appropriate. (Inferus)
    - New cursor for beam type weapons. (Jetfire)
    - Increased damage per second to the Disintegrator field.
    - Changed SFX of several objects.

    - Fixed a bug with the couch having one of its seats being out of the proper position.
    - Fixed some explosion sprites having stray pixels. (Jetfire)

    - Included in this update is a bunch of new furniture pieces, holograms, planters, crates, canisters, a background door, antennas, a huge ass missile prop, missile racks, and a bunch of other decorative objects.
    - Included in this update is a set of Knightfall themed ship decorations, such as placeable SAIL, a captain's chair, and a fuel hatch.
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