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Project Knightfall Version 1.6.0

Enhance your character with some powerful high tech and heavy duty endgame weapons and armor.

  1. Project Knightfall: The Furniture Upgrade

    Upgrade 1.5:

    Finally after over a month of work, I'm happy to present to you the next round of content for the Knightfall Initiative. Featuring new pieces of furniture for builders, aswell as 4 new powerful weapons to defeat your enemies.
    Let's break it down.

    New Items:

    - Arena Arm Cannon - A powerful, one-handed, high damage arm cannon that fires a powerful bullet followed by several missiles. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.
    - Vulcan Arm Cannon - A rapid fire, one-handed, high explosive arm cannon that fires HE bullets. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.
    - Pacifier Arm Blade - A one-handed arm blade with a 7 hit combo. Pairs well with the arm cannons featured in this update. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.
    - Firefly Multi-Missile Launcher - A rapid fire missile launcher capable of overwhelming enemies with a barrage of missiles. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.

    - Tons of new modular hologram pieces, crates, decoration, and other pieces to spice up your build and create Knightfall Builds. You can craft them all from Knightfall Furnishings, a brand new crafting table. Each furniture piece costs 300 pixels, with spotlights costing only 50 pixels.

    - Fixed all frame related issues for all weapons that's been clogging log files.
    - Fixed a bug with the Stasis status effect. Enemies affected now won't play theirw animations after the initial stasis is applied, and they'll be frozen regardless of how many times they get frozen.

    - Sprite improvements to the Shatterer and the Scatterwarp, heavy ordinances, and the Maelstrom. Both shotguns now play a cocking animation on fire, while the Scatterwarp now dispenses shotgun shells on fire.
    - Slight nerfs to the Havoc and Comet.
    - Slight buff to the Raptor.
    - Several projectiles get a new flair by adding new trails effects.
    - Arcturus and Banesaber bullets now spawn shrapnel on impact.
    - New sound effects for some weapons.
    - New futuristic looking cursors for most guns.
    - Whiplash's HE Piercing shot now explodes on enemies.
    - Hunter helmet now provides a passive rage buff.
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