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Project Knightfall Version 1.6.0

Enhance your character with some powerful high tech and heavy duty endgame weapons and armor.

  1. Project Knightfall: The Drone Upgrade

    Upgrade 1.4 Changelog:

    New Items:

    - Spectre Battle Drone - A brand new combat support companion. Comes in 3 variants - Plasma Bolt, Imploder Missile, and Statis Grenade. Purchaseable from the new Drone Vending Machine.

    - Bonecrusher Mace - A new melee weapon featuring a 3 hit combo. Each hit stuns the enemy for a few seconds, and each hit reduces the enemy's armour. Craft it at the Knightfall Weapon Printer.

    - Removed custom categories for the Aegis and the Bastion so that they're now usable by NPCs created using NPCSpawner+.

    - Sprite changes to the Halcyon and the Whiplash.
    - Color corrections for all Knightframe Back Items.
    - New dial sprite for all Knightfall weapons.
    - Ultranium Blocks now cost 5 Solarium Stars instead of 5 Tungsten Bars.
    - Patched a few vanilla monsters to make them immune to the Bleeding status effect caused by a few Knightfall weapons.
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