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Power Generators 1.0.0

A mod that adds craftable power generators for decoration purposes.

  1. Exited beta stage, added distribution panels, fixed generator sound

    • Mod is now 1.0.0, since all the major things I wanted to include are included
    • added distribution panel (wall-mounted and standing), a nice looking and instantly-transferring alternative to Delays, crafted at the wiring station
    • fixed sound on big generators, they should hum again when active
  2. Added Aegisalt and Ferozium generators

    • Added Aegisalt and Ferozium generators
    • crafting recipes are now also grouped with "wire"
  3. Changed graphics of Durasteel Generator

    • Changed durasteel power generator graphics to better resemble the "durasteel style"
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  4. Durasteel Generator recipe adjusted to be available at the robotic crafting table

    • The Durasteel Generator should now be craftable at the robotic crafting table, and not at the iron crafting table already.
  5. added durasteel generator

    • added durasteel generator (it's the outpost generator, just craftable and toggleable)
    • added novakid description to all generators
    • slight alteration to the generator descriptions
  6. added cerulium generator

    • added cerulium generator
    • version now visible on the bottom right of the main menu (the asset list)
    • removed the alpha-flag in this version. The version 0.x.x should be sufficient.
  7. added steel power generator

    • added steel generator