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Portable Outpost (Quest Console) 1.9.1 for Starbound 1.4

Access Outpost quests, shops and services from your ship/base!

  1. [HOTFIX] (9/12/16)

    - Removed Ursa Miner quest from the Quest Console due to issues with it reappearing constantly. You must now go to the outpost to unlock the Ursa Miner vendor :/
    - Added a mission in SAIL to beam directly into the final mission. (Please tell me if this is not working correctly)
  2. [HOTFIX] (21-08-16)

    - "Bug fixes and performance improvements" - Google 2016

    - Fixed Ursa Minecart positioning and size issues
    - Fixed Quest Console
    - Probably some other fixes I forgot about
  3. [HOTFIX] (6-08-2016)

    - Bug fixes for the Quest Console
  4. BIG FEATURE RELEASE: Access and replay sidequest missions from S.A.I.L, missions and new vendors!

    - You can now access ALL sidequest missions from the outpost from the Missions tab in S.A.I.L
    - This means you can even replay them.
    - This includes the Arena Battles and Tech Challenges in additon to the Dreadwing and Weapon Testing Site missions that were already availiable in S.A.I.L
    - Fixed Beakeasy Franchise (Now doesn't spawn Penguins in the ground and inventory works).
    - Made Telexpress purchasable at the 2 Stop Teleshop
    - Added Travelling Treasured Trophies
    - Added a portable version...
  5. [HOTFIX] (28-07-2016)

    - Fixed Frogg Furnishing not opening
    - Vendors can now be actually purchased (for real this time), they now cost 50 pixels each (pricing at 0 pixels was causing the problem).
    - Ursa Miner Quest is working on my end, without any changes to it on this update, it offers it once, then doesn't repeat like it used to. If it is still not working for you, please send me a PM with your starbound.log so I can troubleshoot.
  6. Purchasable Portable Vendors!

    - You can now buy Portable Vendors from their respective outpost vendors.
    - You can now buy the Quest Console from Infinity Express
    - Fixed some sidequests coming up on the Quest Console before they should.
  7. Frogg Home Delivery Spritework

    Updated the sprite for Frogg Home Delivery, which now even has a little animation!

    Here is a picture (not animated):


  8. Cheerfully bringing this mod to 1.0 - Cheerful Giraffe Compatibility Update

    Cheerful-ly bringing this mod to 1.0 - Cheerful Giraffe Compatibility Update


    - Added Ursa's Minecart: Portable Ursa Miner (/spawnitem ursaminecart).
    - Added a Portable Beakeasy Bar (sorta broken atm, it spawns penguins but doesn't sell dubloons for some reason) (/spawnitem portablebeakeasy).
    - You now receive the Quest Console when you first meet Esther.
    - You now unlock the portable vendors after the quest to open their shops...
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  9. Moving to .modpak Format

    Converted into .modpak format for easier installation:

    Just drop the .modpack file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods and run Starbound.

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  10. The Portable Outpost Overhaul

    Hey Starbounders!

    The quest console mod helped so many people, but it did not remove the need to visit the lag-ridden outpost altogether. But now it does! Now to be known as the Portable Outpost mod, this update brings all* the outpost shops and services onto your ship or base to be accessed at any time. It also provides a better way to obtain the Quest Console and outpost services. So here is the full changelog:

    - Added Terracart
    The Terramart has come to a system near you, adding...