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Portable Outpost (Quest Console) 1.9.1 for Starbound 1.4

Access Outpost quests, shops and services from your ship/base!

  1. 1.9.1 - Fixes

    - Bounty board should now be craftable at the inventor's table without /admin
    - You should now correctly obtain a peacekeeper comms chip upon completion of the assignment quest
  2. 1.9.0 - 1.4 Compatibility and Bounty Hunting Update

    - Added Portable Bounty Monitor (Crafted from Peacekeeper Comms Chip)
    - Added Peacekeeper Comms Chip (Obtainable from new bounty assignments and the peacekeeper shop)
    - Made all levels of peacekeeper shop obtainable (bought from the shop itself)
  3. 1.8.0 - Full Modded Item Compatibility

    Thanks to the wonderful lua magic of GonDragon, all mod items added to the outpost vendors will also be availiable for sale at the portable vendors, with no extra effort required by the other modders. Thnaks to everyone who has supported this mod by adding their items to the Portable Vendors in the last couple of years, it is much appreciated, and you can remove your extra patches now.

    Again special thanks to GonDragon who made this possible.
  4. Starbound 1.3 Compatibility Patch

    - Added Mech Quests to Quest Console
  5. Fix for Custom Races

    - Fixed custom races not being able to craft the Quest Console at the Inventor's Table
  6. 1.6.3 - Fix for Steam Workshop

    -Steam workshop version was bugged, should be fixed now
    Just uploading here in case someone has an issue, otherwise disregard this update
  7. 1.6.2

    - New Graphics for Infinity Vending Machine that makes it look more like the original store. It is also now animated.

  8. Racial Quest Consoles and Sign Store

    - Added a Quest Console variant for each race. (They are all functionally identical, just with individual graphics matching the S.A.I.L console of the ship.)
    - Added Quest Console Chip item.
    - Esther now gives you a Quest Console chip instead of a Quest Console when you first meet her.
    - Infinity Express and Infinity Vending Machine now sell Quest Console chips instead of Quest Consoles.
    - The Quest Console is now crafted at the Inventor's Table using the Quest Console chip. (This...
  9. Starbound 1.2 Compatibility Update - New 1.2 Vendors

    + Added Mysterious Vault Box

    Allows you to trade materials for Vault Keys at your ship/base to access the new Ancient Vaults introduced in the update.

    + Added Space Santa's Present Sack

    Allows you to purchase festive goodies from your ship/base.

    - Added "The Final Frontier" Quest to the Quest Console
  10. [HOTFIX] (11/12/16)

    - Updated Frogg Home Delivery's inventory to match Frogg Furnishing at the outpost. (It no longer offers the saloon set, and now offers the Pastel set)