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Portable Outpost (Quest Console) 1.9.1 for Starbound 1.4

Access Outpost quests, shops and services from your ship/base!

  1. BIG FEATURE RELEASE: Access and replay sidequest missions from S.A.I.L, missions and new vendors!

    - You can now access ALL sidequest missions from the outpost from the Missions tab in S.A.I.L
    - This means you can even replay them.
    - This includes the Arena Battles and Tech Challenges in additon to the Dreadwing and Weapon Testing Site missions that were already availiable in S.A.I.L
    - Fixed Beakeasy Franchise (Now doesn't spawn Penguins in the ground and inventory works).
    - Made Telexpress purchasable at the 2 Stop Teleshop
    - Added Travelling Treasured Trophies
    - Added a portable version of the Penguin Weapon Shop
    - Fixed around some weird sprites and positioning.
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